Baroness X Avatar + Dance Legend Soothsayer

I finally broke out of my blue streak this week by gazing longingly at a whole double handful of red polishes with contrasting lime green shimmer that are being released by multiple brands, each one different from the next.  In my efforts to stop the madness and be content with the 80 bajillion polishes already in residence here, I grabbed a red I hadn't properly photographed the first time I wore it, and a topper for that contrasty sparkle.

My base color here is Dance Legend's Anna Gorelova collaboration The Soothsayer.  It's a gorgeous red that's bright cherry when warm and deepest darkest dried blood when cold.  It's from a 2014 collection, and still transitions just as quickly as when I first tried it almost exactly 3 years ago, further proof that some thermals are far sturdier than the promised 6 months.

Baroness X is one of the reigning queens of gorgeous things made with Clarins 230/UP shifty shimmer.  This particular beauty is Avatar, which is the awesomesa…

Polished For Days Aspen

MOAR BLUE POLISH!  Seriously, It's not that common for me to go on a color-kick that lasts 3 manis, but here we are with the next gorgeous blue in a row.

Aspen is a deep navy-sapphire base absolutely jam packed with a drop-dead-gorgeous contrasting shimmer that shifts from warm burgundy red to blazing copper-bronze; though it looks Clarins 230-ish, I never saw it get to emerald green. 

Additionally, there's a truckload of silver holo flake in here.  Usually, silver holo flake looks more silver to me and only sparks rainbows in very bright sunlight, but nope, this was as blingy as if filled with glitter and not flake.  Though this particular flake does make things just a bit textured, 2 coats of topcoat smoothed it right out, and I had no particular trouble with removal.

The contrasting shimmer makes this polish a dramatic chameleon - sometimes it's coppery wine, sometimes purple, and sometimes deep navy depending on how the light hits the shimmer.  Sometimes the shimmer fl…

Dollish Polish True Believer

Still in a blue mood, I reached for another duochrome LE - Dollish Polish True Believer.

True Believer is part of a collab quad with Supernatural Lacquer that had a 90s theme - this one is of course a nod to The X-files.  It's a bright cobalt base with an utterly gorgeous shimmer that shifts from aqua to violet purple, dusted with silver holo flakies.

The shimmer made this polish a real chameleon, shifting easily in all lighting, and looking different as I walked to different rooms at work or home.  The silver flakes were more prominent and more pretty than what the camera captured, but they did tend to look silver more than holo.

In the bright lights of my mani table, True Believer was opaque at 2 coats.  IRL and in these photos, though, 2 coats left some thinner patches near my cuticle line, so 3 would probably be a better plan for next time.

If a polish is gonna go around with a galaxy look and an out-there name, obviously it needs some outer space nail art to go with it.  I…

Don Deeva Dirty Magic

Facebook group Multichrome Madness has scored some of the most fantastic group customs, and I was lucky enough to win the Don Deeva trio from November!

Of the three polishes, Dirty Magic is the least duochromatically shifty, but I'm in a blue mood and this just fit the bill so nicely.  It was described as a very subtle thermal, but even with hot or cold water I couldn't appreciate any color change.  The thermal base meant that this is a lot more sheer than darkly saturated colors usually are - 3 medium-thin coats were needed to get to the opacity you see here. 

Dirty Magic is a charcoal base filled with blackened teal shimmer that shifts at extreme angles to a dark plum, with a dusting of scattered holo, and some extra small microflakies that usually look red against the base color. 

While it's not an in-your-face chameleon, this is the sort of polish that looks quite different in different lighting conditions, sometimes pulling more charcoal grey, sometimes navy, and othe…

Dance Legend Thunderball

I found myself painting my nails on a weekend day with no other pressing to-do items, so had more time than my usual paint right before bed sort of thing.  The extra time meant I could go right ahead and pull out a neglected magnetic polish.
Thunderball is from Dance Legend's collection of magnetics with James Bond-themed names.  This one is a rich navy blue with a sorta chunky heavy gold shimmer that gets pulled into the magnet's stripe.
Immediately after painting, I had some nice, crisp diagonal stripes evident... but about 3 hours later, they'd tragically melted back into the polish, despite my magnetizing both the 2nd coat and the topcoat for at least 30 seconds each, using a quite strong neodymium magnet.  In very bright light, the stripes remained pretty clear on my nails, but in lower or overcast lighting, they vanished.
Now, I consider myself a confident magnetic polish user; this is a trick I have down solidly.  This one was more than a bit of a PITA to work with,…

Ever After Mother of Dragons

After bright cobalts and blingy New Year's flash, I was ready for a soft, neutral palate cleanser.  I really should get back into the habit of alternating neutrals with bright colors - there's so many lovely autumnal browns and wintry greys languishing in favor of the flashy jewel tones...
Ever After made quite a stir with Mother of Dragons, originally a color of the month, then thankfully brought back as part of the core collection in her store.  MoD is an absolutely lovely pale grey crelly with a subtle scattered holo effect and tons of ultrachome flakies in the fuschia/bronze and emerald/aqua shifts.  
 The website says this is a "soft linear holo" but I really don't get that - tiny twinkling rainbow flashes, yes indeed, but not at all linear.  I'm wearing 2 coats here because I love the opalescent translucence at this stage, but if you'd prefer it opaque 3 will get you there 100%, and will look more crème than crelly.
The formula on this was practical…

Don Deeva Notorious PEE

You know that feeling when you're amazed at someone else's pics of a polish, then remember that you have that one too, already at your house?  Yeah, well, that + the frosty thermal-appropriate weather reminded me to take this one for a spin.

Don Deeva made Notorious PEE for the Rainbows & Unicorn Pee FB group.  Yeah, i still hate calling the red-to-green shifty shimmer we all love "UP" but, well, one has to speak the proper lingo of any hobby.  Anyway, Notorious is a royal purple to cobalt blue thermal with a light scattering of holo microflake and that 230/Fantasy Fire shimmer poured in.

When warm, this is a really pretty BRIGHT blue, and sunlight shows off the holo sparkle best (of course).  When cold, there's a lovely royal purple that lets the UP show best.

The transition was a bit subtle on me, with my fingers usually being either all purple or all blue.  I did get some sweet reverse-transition looks (warm blue tips with cold purple nail beds) when my wi…