Star Trek TNG: Acting Ensign

And we're back to the final frontier!

My younger sib, every bit as nerdy as me, has been totally geeking out over my Star Trek The Next Generation nails, and gets all credit for this design.  Wesley Crusher is far from universally loved by the fan community, and people tend to either think he's a Gary Stu or that he's an entry point for younger fans.  Either way, his science brains and dedication in the face of being told to "shut up" (most certainly not the high point of dialogue) earned him a position as acting ensign, and that uniform design is pretty sweet. 

For the wool blend of the jumpsuit, I've started with two smooth and easy coats of Different Dimension Twisted Fantasy.  The scattered holo sparkle makes this look heathered in low light, and the pale orchid microflakie shimmer (below) is just an added bonus.

What I loved about this uniform is a nod to the fact that the wearer has not gone through Starfleet Academy so hasn't picked a "major&q…

Vapid Lacquer La Fae Verte

Suzy came to stay for a delightful long weekend quarantine bubble-merge of board games & comedy TV, so two things happened right away.  1) Star Trek was on hold in favor of treasured human interaction and 2) I was pretty instantly smitten with her neon green sparkle polish.

Neons are most certainly not my jam, and I own vanishingly few greens that lean prominently yellow, so the super bright one she had on wasn't replicatable with my stash.  The closest I could come up with was Vapid La Fae Verte, about 3 notches darker but with the same fiery aurora shimmer.

La Fae Verte is an apple/spring green jelly sheer enough to let the sparkle of the aurora pigment show through easily.  This also means it needs many coats to get there, and unfortunately there is no cheat for that.  In an effort to brighten the base color and cut down on coats needed for the right look, I started with a layer of white crème, then 2 thick layers of La Fae.  This really didn't work out as planned: IRL …

Star Trek TNG: Chief Engineer

Star Trek The Next Generation is a goldmine of nail inspo, and I'm just loving the ongoing theme on my nails (and we're still loving the re-watch of the show at my house).  Next up is the endlessly determined Geordi La Forge.

I've started with a base of Heather's Hues Latte Love, a richly saturated chocolate brown with autumn-colored microflakes and a light touch of scattered holo dust.  This polish was an easy one-coater, with a thick formula that stayed exactly where I put it, no running or pooling in cuticles. 

Though we'd just watched an episode where he turns into a blacklit-glowing alien, and he has plenty of retrofuture off-duty outfits, the character is defined in many ways by his visor which of course had to be the inspo here.  The gold stripes of the visor are the short hashmarks from Lina Feeling Shapely 10, while the medium weight straight silver bars come from Maniology M053, both using metallic Born Pretty stamping polishes. For the final touches, I&#…

Star Trek TNG: Ship's Counselor

Partway through Season 2 of our Star Trek The Next Generation rewatch, my next nail inspiration became clear:  the distinctive asymmetrical curved V neckline of Counselor Deanna Troi's turquoise dress.

The obvious choice for Troi's out-of-this-world dress was Literary Lacquers Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, a pretty perfect bright ocean turquoise that's both a sparkling linear holo as well as one sprinkled with holo microglitters.  I considered using a neutral polish on the fingers with the negative-space areas, but instead let my slightly milky base coat, Nail Tek Formula 2, carry that job solo, and it turned out completely lovely. 

To get that neckline just right, I used the doubled arc and straight line designs from Lina Feeling Shapely 10.  I stamped first in PGGB to mark where I wanted the design to be, then painted my nails from that point outward.  When I was done, I stamped back over in the same spot with the same designs using MoYou London Electric Teal to make the …

Star Trek TNG: Chief Medical Officer

The real reason I had to try out Sally Hansen Denim this week is that we've been on a huge Star Trek The Next Generation kick at our house and I have for sure found my nail art inspiration for the next while.  Many beloved things from youth end up aging quite badly, but this show is still a huge winner and has become our ideal quarantine entertainment.  It's fun, adventure-y, and smart, with occasionally brilliant/hilarious costuming choices, and I'm in utter love with the old-skool matte painting backgrounds for alien landscapes.  But the thing that's surprised me most, in a way I certainly did not appreciate as a teen, is how breath-of-fresh-air healthy it is.  People make huge mistakes with devastating consequences, the crew has to work around some utter jerks, there's loss and grief... but the mis-steps never get twisted into petty vengeance, and people successfully work through their issues like adults. 

Of course I had to start with the redhead doctor, and th…

Sally Hansen Denim

Not too long ago, Suzy was wearing a truly amazing blue in a pic she sent, and I immediately jumped on ebay to grab a bottle or two.

Sally Hansen released Denim along with a dozen or so other Insta-dri colors in a tie-in with Crayola.  It's a deeply saturated, true cobalt blue that's fully opaque in one easy coat.

There's a whole rabid fan base around a different Sally Hansen blue crème, Pacific Blue, supposed to be a smooth one-coater with a drop-dead perfect formula, much mourned when SH felt the need to change to a totally different polish with the same name a handful of years ago.  As far as I can tell, Denim is just a tiny touch darker than Pacific Blue, so this may scratch that itch if you don't want to pay crazy HTF prices for the original.  The other blue in the Crayola collection, Cerulean, appears to be a touch lighter than Pacific Blue, and I'm trying to convince myself I don't need both. 

SH is currently packaging the Insta-dri line with wide, flat …

Bee's Knees T-Virus

I'm finding inspiration in a lot of unusual places lately, instead of simply picking something on my own.  This time, from an ad, while trying to convince myself to not buy more stamping plates. 

One of my fave plate makers sent me an email this week announcing some new releases.  The featured mani was a plain nude crème stamped in black and gold with a mix of graphic shapes.  I thought there were a few plates already here that would soothe that need, so I instead put together a variation on that look.

I've started with a base of Bee's Knees T-Virus, a very sheer rosy pink jelly base that is absolutely filled to the brim with both very delicate translucent iridescent flakies and a boatload of metallic shimmer that shifts green to gold to pink. 

The shimmer usually steals the show, making this sheer polish appear opaque in just 2 coats.  In soft, diffuse lighting that doesn't make the shimmer flash metallic gold, the flakies come out as well.

On top of this shimmery sta…