Piggy Polish Midnight Fireflies

Despite my valiant attempts to be on a no-buy, I keep getting sucked in by bottles that call to me, and someone's recent super affordable RBL destash was one clear example.  In her sales post, she had a bottle of **faded** Black Russian, where the burning embers of the red glitters had bled out, leaving them sorta silver and the base more smoky than black.  I hadn't considered this was possible, and rushed to grab what I'd picked up years ago as a close-enough dupe to this sold out LE, and it was just fine.

Piggy Polish Midnight Fireflies is an only slightly off-black jelly that is filled to the brim with extremely tiny metallic red microglitters, absolutely a smoldering embers in the smoke look.

The formula on this was quite nice, fully opaque in 2.5 coats, and with a density that stayed where I put it - no pooling in my cuticles (thank goodness because you know black is a PITA to clean up) or balding (which is a frequent issue for jellies packed with other elements).


Summer Birds in the Trees

The last 2 nail art prompts for this month in my stamping group were "birds" and "trees" and since those two go together into a harmonious theme, I did one version on each hand.

First, I started out with a grand old tree, branches spreading across my whole hand.  The tree trunk design is from Powder Perfect's Woodland Creatures plate, while the finer branches are from Kads Nature 07, all done in brown crème.  The irregular blotches of leaves are actually the background of a rose from CJS-05, as is the little accent leaf on the edge of the tree trunk.

On the other side, I've again used the same branches, tree trunk, and leaves, but now added the cute woodpecker from Woodland Creatures in black & red on its branch, and also a crow from Creative Shop 38.


Femme Fatale Alice

I'm still having a lot of fun participating in some nail art prompts with fb groups, and when one of those prompts needed a clear summer sky for the base, I knew exactly what to reach for.

Femme Fatale has released three different series of her "Enchanted Fables" polishes inspired by fairy tales and Disney movies; Alice was from the original 2016 set.

Alice is a soft sky blue filled with a metallic gold shimmer and microflake.  The formula is smooth and easy to work with, which is good because it needs all 3 of the coats I'm showing here.

There's a very pretty gold flash that's easily visible in bright light - no hidden shimmers here at all.  To make the shimmer really show through the pastel base, though, this is rather sheer, and in just the right lighting I could still see a few imperfections in opacity here and there.

At arm's length, no worries though, this was a pretty summer's day without a cloud in the sky.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars, a little …

Femme Fatale Prim & Copper

Femme Fatale recently announced that their next release would be a version 2.0 of a handful of older international stockist exclusives that had been previously challenging to get.  Checking out the list of returning shades, I of course spotted a few still in my untried pile...

Prim & Copper was a 2016 store exclusive for Rainbow Connection UK that was described as a warm, plummy purple base filled with copper shimmer and spangled with small holo glitters.

I have this filed as a purple, but in most lighting this definitely read more like a deep mauve or wine rather than purple.  The swatch stick matches what's on the nail, so I'm not at all sure if it faded a bit, but the color is lovely and very feminine.

The shimmer is not at all shy, and I really do love a good contrast shimmer.  The warm metallic overlay - somewhere between old gold and true copper - was readily visible in all lighting, though of course shone brightest when bright light was bounced off it. 

This color w…

Baby Dog!

New month, new nail art prompts from one of my FB groups, and what was going to be a quick cute something for a couple of days ended up being my look for most of a week.  The prompt was "baby" and while I just don't particularly care for people babies, I have been spending a whole lot of quality time with my sweet baby dog, who happens to be fawn & white, so voila!

I've started here with 4 very thin, super smooth coats of Girly Bits Eggnogoholic - I said the first time that I wore it that I wasn't sure it would come to opacity even by 4, and whaddyaknow, it does indeed!  Over this off-white creamy speckly base, I've added paw prints & an "I heart/paw my dog" image from Marianne Pro No 20, and the A++ sighthound image from MoYou London Animal 01 in Super Chic Rum Billie.

Hope you're finding zen with your pupper kiddos as well,

Ethereal Lacquer Blood Orange

Like he does every so often, the man picked "red" when I needed some color assistance, and a real beauty had just recently arrived...

Ethereal Lacquer Blood Orange is the sort of red that just might look fantastic on almost everyone.  The base is a cooler, berry-toned red jelly, but the shimmer it's loaded with is a warm-toned subtle duochrome that goes from gold to red.  The resultant look is simultaneously berry and fire engine, and that's a nifty trick.

In low light, you get a satiny smooth subly metallic red, but in bright light the shimmer comes out as glowy sparks.

This is a jelly, so goes on somewhat sheer.  The first coat leans much more cool-toned with the wash of the base color, then a little warmer as the shimmer builds up on the second, and finally that unusual balance between cold and warm comes with opacity at the third coat.

As most of us are lately, I've been feeling a little blah and done with the whole world, and so reached for this image of a w…

Tonic Green UP Prototype - Frog Pond Mani

My last of this month's nail art challenge prompts was "frogs."  There was a gorgeous manicure posted for PPU a few months ago that had me purchasing both the beautiful lime green stamping polish and the plate with the cute frog design, and I considered just remaking the same one, but then found another untried polish that needed love.

At last year's Tonic prototype sale, I'd received a pretty multichrome that I swapped for this bright lime green UP proto.  It's unlabeled with number or working title, and just has the gold unicorn face sticker that she used to label the ones with that Clarins 230 type shimmer.

This proto is a sheer jelly polish with plenty of sparkle.  Noticing how sheer it was inspired me to use it like an old-skool jelly for a pond mani.  The idea behind these is that you sandwich a dot or shape in white polish between layers of the jelly, where they highlight the translucency as the color builds up over the opaque white.  Ideally, the jell…