Bees & Honeycomb

When I was thinking out loud about what color I wanted to use for my next mani, the man came up with a very elaborate plan involving multiple colors to represent sky, grass, and plants, with a bee flying in between them.  "Bees!" I said, "I can work with that."

I started with a base of the same sparkly white crelly that underlied my July 4th design, then added 2 layers of a very old TOMA thermal that's died in a soft honey-gold shade.  It's quite sheer at this point, with just a suggestion of shimmer, but was utterly perfect for this look.  Hot tip from a nail fiend with too much polish: dead thermals and stuff with crappy formulas work great for nail art experiments!

Next, all nails got a honeycomb design from BM-422 in Hit The Bottle Espresso Martini.  My accent nails are the utterly perfect bee design from BM-S241, an Edgar Allen Poe themed Halloween Plate, stamped in black and filled in on the stamper, then placed on the nail after a thin layer of stick…

4th of July nails - Lone Star!

While July 4th was pretty well rained out here, the sun came out and the bbq was on for this weekend, so my holiday themed nails kept flying the whole weekend.

After starting with a white shimmer base, I realized that just wasn't going to cut it, and topped with a single layer of Glitter Gal Light as a Feather.  By itself, that polish comes out just a bit grey as spectraflair in white base usually does, but over top of the white shimmer it absolutely appeared to be a true white linear holo.  Sweet!  I then used some long straight triangles from Maniology's new M053 in CBL Addicts Blue Me Away and UberChic Realm of Erotica - wow was this easier, more precise, and quicker drying than attempting to freehand the same design would have been!  Finally, I added a star from XXL-03 in Tonic Black Friday. 

In the end, I think I got a little bit more Texas than Old Glory, but hey, I'm all good with that, too.


Tonic Dulcinea

When prompted to pick a color for my next mani, the man went with red, specifying a "rosy" sort of shade.  Well, one can only do so many linear holos in a row, and this was a lovely change.

Dulcinea is a polish that utterly mystifies me.  I swear that when I hold the bottle up to angled light, I get that tell-tale emerald green flash of a Clarins 230 type polish... and yet, there is approximately none of that on the nail.  I do get a lovely dusting of gold at angles though, so who knows?

This polish is almost every shade of red you'd want all in one bottle, so it's a good choice if you can't pick from among all your reds.  It's a subtle duochrome, shifting from a more cool rosy pinkish-red on over to a warm brick red, hitting true candy apple right in the middle.

I'm showing 2 easy coats here, and had no problems with application.  The current Tonic brust is just a scooch too wide for my slim pinkies, but not as mess-inducing as the flat paddle-shaped bru…

Emily de Molly Dark Enlightenment

While the sun is still shining and holos are calling my name, time to break out another Emily de Molly!

Once upon a time when I first bought Emily de Molly Flatline, I was floored at how amazingly blinding the linear holo effect was in the bottle - same was true when I finally got around to wearing it recently.  Well, when she released a whole collection of these super holos a year later, this one jumped right in my basket.

The gorgeous dark lavender (I don't know how it's possible to be both a darkly saturated AND a pastel color simultaneously, but here we are) is intensely holographic, possibly even more so than Flatline.  In the below pic, I was shocked to notice this beauty kicking off rainbows even in my dimly lit office (I had the lights turned off here to save energy and cut the rising temps in this summertime 90-something swelter).

Dark Enlightenment is easily a one-coater, though out of habit I'm wearing 2 here.  This was a gloriously workable formula - despite be…

Summertime garden - KADS Flower 015

Now that we're at the first of the summer, and the sun finally came out for more than a brief peek, I was feeling some bright summertime color explosion.  But not neon, because that just isn't my jam.
Enchanted Polish March 2014 is as close to neon as I usually wear, a cheerfully bright chartreuse green holo.  I'm wearing two coats here, after which I applied decals stamped in black and filled in with Emily de Molly & Esmaltes da Kelly crèmes.  Images are from KADS Flower 015, a stamping plate that was an instant must-buy the moment I saw it.

KADS is a budget plate maker that's usually shipped from China.  I've seen them offered on Ali Express, but I always prefer to buy Chinese goods from ebay - seller communication and shipping times end up much better for me.  KADS Flower 015 is an utterly gorgeous set of 9 images that are an insect or butterfly on the left half, metamorphosing to sprays of flowers on the right.  Each of the insects and each of the flowers ar…

Femme Fatale Sound of the Sea + Veil of the Siren

Femme Fatale makes a number of polishes with slightly or significantly more chunky holo glitters, and with the recent bout of all sun all the time, I was definitely feeling some holo.  The fact that I was feeling like also dealing with glitter, though, is quite unusual and not to be passed up (far too many pretty bottles of glitter sit unloved around here because I don't want to hassle with the removal).  Perusing my stash, I discovered an untried sample and a glitterbomb, both with equally nautical names, so surely meant to be together.
Sound of the Sea, as the bottle says right there, was a part of a sample sale from July 2016.  Femme Fatale releases batches of samples periodically, not on any particular schedule, and each of the bottles is a completely unique one of a kind study that may or may not have been developed further to make it into a regular collection.  This one "feels" to me like it'd fit in with the color palette of the Birth of Venus collection from …

Illyrian Alfheim

As is often the case when I need a starting point to select a polish, I check in with my partner, who helpfully suggests a base color.  As he's done more often lately, though, he got awfully specific this time:  "blue with green flakies."

Illyrian Alfheim is a lovely cool cerulean blue - somewhere between sky and cobalt, but closer to the latter.  It's a quite sheer jelly to allow the iridescent "ocean" type flakies - the sort from the old Nfu-oh polishes that shift from green to aqua to blue - to shine through.

I'm wearing 3 coats here.  The base color was a touch uneven until 3rd coat, but the sea of flakies distributed very evenly on each coat and actually looked best at the 2nd.  The 3rd coat meant the flakies started to layer over top of each other, and look more like a full wall of shimmer rather than individual separate pigment elements.

After a couple of days, I thought this particular pool of cool water needed a little something more.  Once mor…