Indigo Bananas Cherry Pie

I am most assuredly on a thermal polish kick, and I've also recently re-sorted all my Clarins 230-type UP polishes into one Helmer drawer, and so by those powers combined...

Indigo Bananas released a trio of UP thermals this past winter, and while I thought I had similar things to the other two, the super juicy pink-to-red Cherry Pie had to head my way. 

I found Cherry Pie to be a very subtle tonal thermal - I never noticed an obvious french tip effect, though it did appear to be more red or more pink overall in different temperature conditions.  Based on how the swatch photos on the Indigo Bananas store look, with a significantly darker berry-wine cool state, this might well be a dead thermal at this point.  In any case, the formula was perfectly smooth and easy to work with, nicely opaque in 3 thin coats with no dulling of the 230 sparkles by the co-mingling of thermal pigment.  It dried down only slightly matte, but of course a single layer of topcoat brought it right up to a j…

Femme Fatale Crepuscular Awakening

A couple good thermals most definitely deserve another!  Not only is it thermal season - i.e., that time of the year when cool outdoor and warm office temps mean a thermal polish will show off nicely, but also the instantaneous nail art from the colors changing is pretty ideal when you're too crazy busy to put together something that would take more time.

Crepuscular Awakening was one of Femme Fatale's collaboration shades with Emily de Molly last year, and unlike most box sets where only one catches my eye, I absolutely had to have the whole quad of these.  The bottle pic above tells you everything you need to know about Crepuscular Awakening:  it's a dusty cadet blue when cool that warms up into a sandy nude, overlaid at all times by an opalescent blue shimmer, and sprinkled with silvery holo microglitters.

Oh, wait, not everything... turns out that blue shimmer is actually the sort that shifts to lavender.  Yes indeedy, my favorite: secret duochrome!

Most thermals that …

Halloween in a bottle: KBShimmer Resting Witch Face

My life isn't done being all in a tizzy, not by a long shot, but it is time for Halloween and even in a no-time-for-nails shenanigan, I have to Halloween!

As soon as I saw swatches of KBShimmer's Resting Witch Face, I knew what my Halloween look would be this year, and it quite obligingly showed up just in time to jump on my nails.  It doesn't hurt at all that I'm apparently on both a thermal kick and a Polish Pickup kick lately!

The utterly perfectly named Resting Witch Face is a black to almost clear thermal jam packed with lime green glitters - it's the Wicked Witch's face and her dress, all in one go, and it's delightfully fun.  The glitters come in a couple of sizes, and some of them glint metallic holo in bright sunlight.

I'm wearing 2 coats here, which at arm's length was always adequate coverage, but it looks a little more sparse in macro photos than it did IRL.  The gorgeously dramatic black cold state was always fully opaque.

Despite the h…

Black Holo Brocade with Kaleidoscope by El Corazon Egyptian Scarabaeus

The next major item in my life gone hectic list was the annual big conference this week - since I'm known for my nails (ha!), but this is a grownup sort of gig, slightly flashy but tasteful was the plan.

After my major love affair with Kaleidoscope/El Corazon (I think that El Corazon is the brand name, and Kaleidoscope is their line of stamping polishes, but I don't read Russian so it's all a guess) Mysterious Mars, I recently jumped at the chance to order all of their multichrome stamping polishes at a discount with a group buy.  A few of them are somewhat sheer and will look very different over different base colors, but the rest are just as opaque and shifty and universally usefully awesome as Mysterious Mars. 

Egyptian Scarabaeus is predominantly a slightly greenish-tinted gold head on - it's in the realm of OPI Just Spotted the Lizard/Chanel Peridot.  Like those duochromes, it shifts to minty green, then not quite blue at angles.

Egyptian Scarabaeus is perfectly o…

Fancy Gloss Captured Butterfly

After the summer lingered unseasonably warm for months, a switch has been flipped to super chilly here on the east coast.  It drives me absolutely bonkers to turn the a/c off then the heat on all in the same week, but hey, that also means it's thermal season.

Fancy Gloss released Captured Butterfly as part of the books theme for this past March's Polish Pickup.  It's a fairly reactive thermal that on me tends to stay on the warm side - this was the kind of polish that was already turning colors as each coat was still drying.  In its cold state, it's a very dark, moody slate teal.

While in the warm state it's an unusual violet purple that drove my camera nutty.

The funky french tip effect was in fine form, and would have been much more dramatic if I'd left my nails a bit longer.  Over both the warm and cool states, Captured Butterfly has a gorgeous bright blue shimmer that I think truly ties all possible colors of this polish together into a cohesive look.  Thou…

OPI Yoga-Ta Get This Blue...for my new car!

The life upheaval task that has occupied the most of my brain energy for the past couple of months is car shopping.  My old car has been a trusty steed for the past THIRTEEN YEARS and over 200,000 miles - I've driven every car I've owned until they are quite dead, so since this one had the good grace to give me plenty of warning, I've been able to really shop around.  There's a spreadsheet of important numbers, everything from money to mpg, including the test drive ratings on the well over a dozen things that actually made the cut for me to take for a spin.  Last week, I found what I really really wanted, and this past weekend I found one with very low mileage and a very good price, and well, obviously my nails need to match.

In a stroke of wonderful convenience, it turns out that a color already hanging out in my stash is a near-perfect match for the paint of a 2018 BMW - OPI's lovely pearlescent sapphire Yoga-Ta Get This Blue.

This is a one-coater, though I'm…

Cameo Colours Lacquers They're Here

I keep trying to slow my polish roll, since my stash is already dizzyingly large, but every month at least a couple of things from Polish Pickup shout my name.  This one was so fantastic that it was the next thing on my nails as soon as I opened the package.
September's PPU theme was horror movies, and Cameo came up with They're Here as a nod to Poltergeist - specifically, that spectral blue glow coming out of the TV at the moment it all hits the fan.  It's a medium cobalt blue borderline-jelly formula that's studded with silver and off-black microglitters, holo flake, and oh yeah, that spectral blue glow:
LOVE IT.  Why do I only have a half dozen glow in the dark polishes?!  My inner 3 year old demands more!
2 smooth coats to opacity, this formula was just about as thick as I like to work with before deciding to thin things down.  The glow wasn't as OMG insane as a few other things I have, but with that darker blue base even this much glow is pretty impressi…