Rococo Sno Baby Luxe

After something so flashily amazing as Birefringence, a neutral palate cleanser was most definitely called for... and it turns out I had yet another wintry snow-themed polish in my stash.

I picked up two Rococo polishes in a destash - she had something I really wanted, and picked these up to come along for the ride - despite having never heard of the brand and being unable to find swatches online.  And wow, am I glad I did.

Sno Baby Luxe is a white crelly brimming with iridescent microflake shimmer (I think the "luxe" at the end is Rococo's way of designating finish rather than part of the name, but who can be sure?).  I'm wearing 3 coats here plus topcoat, though this dried quite shiny on its own.  Sno Baby was amazingly non-streaky for a white polish, with a borderline too-thin formula that meant that it self-leveled flawlessly and didn't get thick even by that 3rd coat.  There's still some VNL at 3 coats, but the iridescent microflake shimmer + incomplete …

ILNP Birefringence

The other polish that I immediately thought of when deciding what to revisit was one that I always find myself shocked that I somehow never photographed.  I just know I've worn it at least twice before this, but maybe I'm just imagining things...

Once upon a time, Ozotic made duo-and  multichrome polishes that had really pretty shift (according to pics, I don't actually have these myself) but were so sheer that wearing over black was a definite necessity.  Then ILNP burst onto the scene, first with some pretty holos, then with some staggeringly beautiful shifting magic that was opaque on its own, no undies required.  ILNP Birefringence is the absolute mother of all multichromes.  I had a hard time narrowing down all the pics I got, so buckle up, and spoiler alert - all the colors even hinted at in that bottle shot above are absolutely visible on the nail.

When viewed dead-on, Birefringence is a gorgeously saturated deep sapphire blue.  With barely a tilt, it goes through a…

Butter London Two Fingered Salute

The very first  polish that came to mind when I decided I was going to revisit older things I'd never blogged/photographed before was Butter London Two Fingered Salute.  I swooned over this when The PolishAholic (sweet baby octopus I miss her blog and perfect pics!!) said it was an all-time fave, and yet it was distinctly underwhelming on me.  Definitely time for a reload!

Two Fingered Salute, an exclusive for Nordstrom from way back in 2012, is an earthy crelly somewhere between aqua and green, utterly jam packed full of shimmering copper microflake.

The microflake flashes between metallic copper and metallic pink - I never could decide if it was duochromatic or if there were two different types of shimmer, but it's a fun effect regardless.  If this was a more saturated aqua color in this shade, I'd end up with lobster hands for sure, but the earthy mutedness that makes this look dead-on for copper verdigris mitigates that by a whole lot.
This is an utterly beautiful colo…

Enchanted Polish Winter + ILNP Absolute Zero

This week is cold and snowy AF, so while winter designs are thematically appropriate this time of the year, I'm kinda suffering and can't reasonably reach for snowflake stamping plates and stuff like that.  When searching through my spreadsheet for other worn but not photographed/blogged polishes for this here reload series, though, I did find the most impossibly appropriately named pair ever.

ILNP released Absolute Zero as a gift with purchase if you bought a certain number of their 2013 Fall collection polishes, and Winter was from a 2016 winter trio, and those are the frostiest polish names I have bar none.

Winter is a slightly greyed white - the closest I have in my stash to a "true" white linear holographic, this phenomenon being notoriously difficult for makers to achieve since holo pigment is itself grey.  Ultimately, I feel that stark whites have an unfortunate resemblance to whiteout, while the barely grey tinge here actually softens it up nicely, so I prefe…

a England Saint George + Princess Sabra

A serious fave of mine, a England Saint George didn't get to shine boldly in my last mani, and while it was out on my table I decided it very much deserved it's own moment.  I've paired it with another aE scattered holo gem, Princess Sabra.

Saint George is a very deep, super saturated teal that leans just a hair more to the green side than the blue.  Princess Sabra (aka Tristam Eyes, named for the maker's cat) is a warm, antique gold.  Both have that gorgeously unique aE scattered holo finish that's not at all greyed out in lower lighting, but shimmers with a rainbow sheen in bright sunlight.

Princess Sabra absolutely needs the two coats shown here to get the depth of the color in the bottle.  Saint George is fine in one somewhat thicker coat, though I'm wearing two here.  Both have utterly perfect formulas and utterly perfect brushes that minimize the need for cleanup.

Clearly, as with my last mani, Saint George is pigmented enough to stamp beautifully.  I'…

a England Avalon

Alright, we definitely have a theme going on here while my shorties grow out!  It's all back from the vault polishes that I've worn before but hadn't photographed/blogged!  I'll pull out some faves to see if they're still champs years later, and I'll give a second chance to ones I bounced off of the first time.  Also on the new year/new tries theme, my lovely partner bought me a new camera!  It's very likely going to take a while to get used to the settings and options, but the macro capability on this one is rated as far superior.  If that weren't enough, my phone finally crapped out, and my upgrade has a **much** better camera.  Long & short:  all pics from here out get a big upgrade!

First up, the gloriously luscious royal purple that is a England Avalon.  I bought and first tried out this beauty not long after it came out, and was instantly smitten with the amazing formula of Adina's polishes.  One thick coat would have been enough, but I…

Sinful Colors Polar Opposites

My short little nails demanded flashy sparkles, but I'm thinking while growing them out I might pass on swatching/trying new polishes lest my annoyance with shorties taint my opinions.  I pulled an old fave out of the vault, and used it with a new magnet.

Sinful Colors released Polar Opposites back in 2012, the first time magnetic polish was cool, and I'm super glad to be back on that train.  It's an almost gunmetal silver with a subtle scattering of electric blue sparks unmagnetized, and it's easily opaque in 1-2 coats (no base undies needed, as typical for the older magnetics but less common of late).  It was sold with a starburst-design magnet that works really well with this polish, but is a bit too big for tiny nails, so I tried out my flower magnet pen.

This handy little magnetic pen is available at a bunch of nail supply stores for typically about $2.  One end has a straight row of tiny magnets that can create a parallel line "cat scratch" effect, whil…