Tonic Prototype - charcoal multichrome holo

Mystery polishes aren't so much my jam - I have a bajillion untrieds to get through, and when your collection gets to a certain size, you really give everything a critical eye as to whether you already have something similar.  When Tonic announced earlier this year that she was cleaning out the closet of a bunch of prototypes, though, I bought everything I could.

This is an easy fave of the prototypes I received - a deep charcoal grey based linear holo with a gorgeous red to bronze to green metallic multichrome.

Unlike a few others I recieved, this prototype has no number or other marking.  I'm not completely sure what final polish it was an in-process study for - it's not quite Witchy Woman or Ninja Pumpkin, and I'm well aware those two aren't anything alike, but I think this is somewhere in between. 

This polish is shifty as all get-out, going from a deep scarlet in bright, direct light:

To warm, blackened bronze at angles:

And right on over to a green flash past…

Autumn Equinox nails - fall leaves

Lacquester Pearl Grey First Pick was a lovely neutral on its own, but when the equinox rolled around after I'd worn it for a day or two, it also provided a perfect backdrop for some multicolored nail art.

The sun on my left hand and the moon on my right were reverse-stamped in black filled in with metallic gold.  This sun image is from the utterly unique Curali 005 "Esoterical" plate, while the moon is found on MoYou London Mexico 03. 

Since it's still mostly green around here (other than the scattering of ideal fallen leaf props in my lawn), I opted to use a a smaller, rounder leaf pattern rather than the more typically "fall" look of maple leaves.  I applied small dots of green, yellow, red, and brown crème polishes to this leaf image from Marianne Pro 25, then scraped 2-3 times until they were lightly blended to get this look of leaves with randomly changing colors.

Here's to upcoming rich fall colors and fun autumn designs!


Lacquester Pearl Grey First Pick

As per my usual, after one or two or a few rich bright colors, I gotta go with a palate cleanser of some type of neutral just to change things up a bit.

Lacquester Pearl Grey First Pick is one of those polishes where the name is 100% accurate.  This is a soft, somewhat sheer grey with a subtle pearlescence due to the scattered holo finish. 

I'm thinking the "first pick" part of the color name is from the generous helping of gold metallic contrasting shimmer - the whole is a lovely neutral jewel that's both cool and warm for those of us that like to wear both silver and gold.

I'm wearing 3 coats here, which leaves a light translucency at this point.  While I don't have a super opaque free edge, I love ethereal not-quite-sheer looks of this type, so I don't find the opacity to be a fault.

Unfortunately for me, Lacquester has gone to the wide, flat brush type that so many people really prefer.  These are way too broad for my pinky nails, and turning the brus…

Darling Diva Have You Ever Been Mistaken For a Man?

Every so often, my attempts to not order the same things that I already have backfire, and I eventually have to give into the allure of something even though I'm convinced its sister already resides here.  Sometimes, my buying spree works out gloriously.

Darling Diva released Have You Ever Been Mistaken For a Man? as part of her 2015 Aliens collection, and IMHO was the real standout in a smorgasbord of interesting colors.  I missed it the first time around, but the moment I saw it in a destash it came right home where it belonged, and was promptly nothing at all like other purple holos in my collection.

Have You Ever Been Mistaken For a Man? is a plummy red-leaning purple, warmer than most other purples around here.  There's a nice linear holo here, but as this is not a sheer jelly type formula, the holo isn't a blinding in-your-face flame.

This was easily opaque in one thick coat, though I'm showing 2 as thin as I could get them here.  The formula is just a touch thic…

Purple & Gold Stained Glass

This week I had a lecture/meeting thing going on that meant avoiding anything too flashy or outré was probably a good idea, but bringing at least a little nail game was of course called for.

I started with two very easy coats of a England Lady of the Lake (as usual when using aE polishes, I wonder why I don't have literally everything she's ever made), a lush cool-toned purple scattered holo.  On my accent nails are two smooth coats of Emily de Molly Iridescent Skies, a very pale silvery lavender holo.  I used the circular stained-glass motif from UR Beautiful 10 and gold stamping polish to create decals filled in with Lady of the Lake and aE Dragon.


Baroness X Portal Gun

With some cool snaps lately,and my nails being just the right length, it's definitely thermal weather.

Baroness X has really been knocking this year's mystery series out of the park, with each box having one Clarins 230 shimmer polish and one "sister UP" polish, plus a little treat or two.  The August box, Rick & Morty themed, might be my fave so far. 

Portal Gun starts with a black-to-colorless thermal base that builds in 3 coats to a milky, slightly smoky translucency rather than being clear.  Baroness X has played with different ingredients in these black-to-clear thermals, and this one is a clear winner for me (a stunner compared to the somewhat similar Ghastly). 

The black base of the cold state makes the flakies and sister UP shimmer into a vampy teal-green shifting blue to purple around the edges.

As the base warms up and becomes nearly clear, the flakies of course pop up center stage as bright multichromatic flecks of color, but the sparkly shimmer isn…

Digital Nails I'm a Survivor

Life has been less than kind lately, with bad news coming left and right.  I pulled out an old fave that I last wore before my pic-taking and blogging days for a little comforting peace.

Sweet baby octopus do I miss Digital Nails!  I don't believe she's released anything new in the past couple of years, and her social media is silent, which is a real shame considering the level of nerd creativity + gorgeous polish she made.  Digital released I'm a Survivor back in 2013 as a charity fundraiser for Alex's Lemonade Stand, and I loved it then and I love it now.

Survivor is a lush eggplant purple jelly utterly packed with golden flakies.  I'm showing 3 coats here, with each coat building up the saturation of the eggplant purple jelly base and the density & opacity of the flakies.  Unusually and uniquely in my stash, these flakies appear translucent at the first coat, very thin and flexible, but build to a solid metallic gold on the 2nd and 3rd coats.  Removal with m…