Reverie Lacquer Nightfall

After a pair of bold and bright colors, I was in the mind for a more pastel palate cleanser, and a stroll through my shelf of palest purples brought this long neglected bottle to my attention.
Reverie Lacquer has been retired & gone for well over a year now, but Nightfall made several best of lists the year it came out.  I have it listed as "stone purple" in my spreadsheet, so I know it was always a greyed out lavender, but looking at other folks' swatches around ye olde interwebs, I do believe mine has faded a touch.
Nightfall is a fairly sheer crelly leaning toward jelly base that needed 3 coats for the opacity you see here.  There's a softly sparkling of holo, even more subtle and shimmery than what's typically found in a England's signature finish, and a healthy helping of beautiful aquamarine microflakies.
All of my pics here seem color and finish accurate to my eye, in that sometimes the color seemed to lean slightly more purple and sometimes it was…

Baroness X Estrellaria + Shleee The Long Night

After loving the look of the first half of the February Baroness X OGUP/Sisters duo, clearly the second half needed playing with as well.

I've started with 2 coats of a recent Shleee mystery polish, The Long Night.  This one is a deeply saturated prussian blue that was about 75% opaque in one coat.  If I was going to use a topper with more coverage (such as that prior magnetic), a single coat would have been enough. 

Since the topper I'm using with it is designed to be very sheer and let the base color show through, I'm showing 2 coats of The Long Night and no topcoat here.  The brush and thickness were about perfect, requiring only a little cleanup - a good thing, because like most saturated blues, this does want to stain cuticle skin.
On top of The Long Night, I have one thickly dabbed layer of the topper in the BX duo, Estrellaria.
Much like for Chromaphilia, I went with a color that I thought would bring out the base shimmer while being a dark enough background for the…

Baroness X Chromaphilia

Baroness X has offered monthly mystery boxes for a couple of years now, with a new theme for each year.  Mysteries aren't usually my thing (because what if I end up with all pink and orange??), but I've certainly picked up some when a hint gets dropped in the fan group that sparks my interest.  The theme for this year is "OGUP/Sister," with a Clarins 230-type polish and a sister shimmer in each box, released every other month.  Because I have an abiding love for all of Demi's 230 polishes, I took the plunge and bought the whole year.

BAM!  Right out of the gate, magic.  Chromaphilia is a wine-colored base with shifty shimmer, pink to peach to green magnetic shimmer, holo shards, and some little blue iridescent flakes.

Chromaphilia is fairly sheer as magnetics go, probably to let all those shifty sparkles and flakes shine through without being masked.  It was suggested to wear in 3 coats solo or as a topper, so I picked the crème closest to the base color in my st…

Emily de Molly Looks Can Kill

I read a book recently that cited a study where people wearing red shirts were deemed more attractive... a phenomenon not only where men can't help but stare at the woman in the red dress a la The Matrix, but where chicks dig red on guys, too.  In other words, it's no surprise when I'm stumped for color that the man suggests red.

Emily de Molly is really rocking it lately with her contrast shimmers, especially those with a metallic or foiled look.  Looks Can Kill is one of those interesting polishes that looks super different in different lighting.

When viewed straight on, Looks Can Kill is most definitely red.  In brighter lighting, the duochrome shimmer overlay shines very much like the gleam on satin taffeta, visible where the light reflects but utterly gone in the shadows. 

With a little shift in angle, though, the base color softens up to a rosy pink rather than true red, and at sideways angles the shimmer itself shifts to a bright fuchsia pink (above).  Sometimes (be…

Glisten & Glow Asteroid Belt

With the re-emergence of some sunshine, it was time for a sparkly linear holo; with my nails down to shorties, a chic dark color was in order.

Glisten & Glow released Asteroid Belt as part of the November 2017 Holo Hookup Box, and the deep sapphire/navy with the coppery contrast shimmer had me at 'hello.'

In addition to a lovely linear holo arc (more prominent than some of these pics, but not ZOMG in your face), Asteroid Belt has a light scattering of tiny holographic microglitters that come out best in lower lighting.

This was a one-and-a-half coater - not quite opaque in a single swipe, but fairly close.  The formula was smooth and easy to work with, ideal since blues this dark can otherwise be such a pain to scrub out of your cuticles.

This wore a little more quickly than I'd have liked, but since dark colors do show edgewear more starkly than lighter ones and my nails were recently clipped and filed down so really weren't at their best, YMMV.

Rating:  a solid 3…

Birthday in Wine Country: OPI Glitzerland

My sister's birthday is the day after mine, and hers this year is a big one with a zero on the end.  She planned out an utterly amazing and relaxing week lounging in wine country for the two of us and our spouses, so wine-themed nails were certainly necessary.

I started with 2 easy coats of Suzy's all time fave gold, OPI Glitzerland.  It has a softly shimmery metallic finish, more hammered metal than liquid chrome, and dries into a nicely thin accumulation of shimmer no matter how many coats you wanted to stack up.

To create my wine country look, I've used a grape & vine motif from Messy Mansion 75 and the utterly ideal for this purpose El Corazon Vinous.  While I absolutely love each of the designs on this plate, all but the tiniest accent images are way too wide to fit on a nail, and unfortunately I think that the piece of the design is a lot less clear as to what it is than the whole design on the plate.

We tried plenty of fantastic wines, and the prettiest I brough…

Heather's Hues Spruce It Up

After loving Heather's Hues first foray into thermal + Clarins 230 type shimmer, I had to snap up the tonal green version when a restock rolled around, and it currently being thermal weather and my currently having thermal-length nails, AND needing a good green for St Patrick's day...

Like her blue-purple sister Ethereal, Spruce it Up is a tri-thermal with 3 different color shifts depending on temperature, liberally dusted with "unicorn pee" shimmer.  The major difference in the look of these two polishes is that instead of Ethereal's obvious color changes, Spruce it Up is a tonal thermal, shifting more subtly between different tints of green.

In it's darkest state, Spruce it UP is a deep pine evergreen.  Tonal thermals tend to make very nice transitions without any weird or off colors in between, and this is no exception.

As Spruce warms up a bit, it becomes a bright kelly green with a nice contrast to the darker forest tips.

And then when fully warm, become…