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"Sweet baby octopus!"  It's a declaration of amazement suitable for even the most conservative workplace, yet punchy enough that you know we're seriously amazed.  Besides, who doesn't love crazysmart tentacled cephalopods?  Add that to our love of amazing nails, and what you have here is just amazing.

We're a pair of east-coaster science-types, who think that needing to work in lab gloves all day doesn't mean that the nails hidden within should ever be nekkid.  Thank goodness for workplaces that don't require all professional all the time!  Since we're living our lives full-time, everything on here is actually worn for at least a few days.  Neither of us are using a lightbox or fancy camera setup - all pics taken with a Canon point-n-shoot or a Samsung cell, with the ordinary lighting from around the house (or in the car, or OMG actual time outside in the sunshine!).

All of the products shown at Sweet Baby Octopolish were purchased by us unless otherwise specified.  We're open to reviewing & swatching, please contact us at SweetBabyOctopolish at the gmail dot com if you'd like us to take a look at your stuff!

If you got to this "about us" page via a link at the top of a post:

  • "Press sample" means that the product was provided free of charge to one of us in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions stated are my own and based on the experiences of the one of us that reviewed it.


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