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Ever After Bite Me + subtle scales

The sun came back out this week so it was most definitely holo time, and I really wanted a cream-and-fire palette.

Bite Me was a Halloween True Blood special for the Hella Holo Customs group.  True to the inspiration pic of the mostly naked vampire, it's about as pale a color as you can go while still calling it "nude."  Barely golden-sand tinted, this is a gorgeous neutral with a beautiful linear holo sparkle.

Interestingly enough, this polish was recently proposed in a FM group as a white holo (since truly white holos are borderline impossible to make because the holographic dust tints the base grey instead of white).  While it's a super pale nude, white? naaawww.  Then I stamped over it, and yeah, pretty close actually!

I recently got Esmaltes da Kelly's KN-24 stamping plate that has a few layering designs, including the pair of images I used here - the outlines of the scales in one image, and a scattering of random scales fully filled in for the other.  You c…

Different Dimension The Northern Lights Are Out

Ladies & Gents, I'm on a polish roll here - everything I've pulled out of mount untried is lovely, for a good couple of weeks now.  Winning!

Different Dimension made The Northern Lights Are Out for the April 2017 Holo Hookup box.  It's thoroughly true to the name: a deep charcoal that's not quite black as night, with an ethereal flash of color overlay that shimmers from piney green to soft purple.

I have several duochromes with this same green-to-purple shift, and it may be one of the more versatile pigments.  This version is packed with a silver holo flake that looks dense enough to be TV static or the speckling of a wild bird egg in low light, yet lies totally flat on the nail, and turns into a little holo sparkle in brighter light.

The green flash was anywhere from pine to ghostly green, and the purple anywhere from a tinge on the charcoal to bright wine - overall, yep, the night sky lit up with flashes of color.

TNLAO was just barely shy of being a one-coater;…

Femme Fatale Starfall

Once upon a time in 3013, Femme Fatale put out a series of linear holos that each had a contrasting shimmer flash.  I was an idiot and only bought 2 or 3 of them... I'm now only one lonely bottle of polish away from correcting that oversight (you will be mine someday!!)

Starfall is the least contrasty of the bunch, but a fab color all the same.  This is a grapey lavender, just a touch darker or more saturated than my pics show, with a subtly paler lilac shimmer (as in, the base leans a little more blue while the shimmer leans a little more pink).  It's just possible the shimmer is subtly duochromatic, slightly tilting up to a warmer more bronzed pink.

The formula was utterly perfect, as I've come to expect from everything in this collection.  Great pigmentation, not too thick or thin (no pooling in the cuticles), covers totally in 2 coats.  If there's any downside, the brush was a little too soft, so that it splayed out and swished more than ideal, so clean edges were …

Baroness X Alhambra

The 2015 Ex Libris collection by Baroness X is, to date, the only complete collection I own in entirety.  Sure, there's only 4 of them and not the dozen typical for big mainstream brands, but there's also no filler - every one of these are utterly GOLD.

Alhambra, like her sisters, is a glassy shiny jelly (cobalt blue in this case), sprinkled with iridescent flakies, and packed with the Clarins 230/Fantasy Fire type shimmer that we all swoon over.

This jelly was very forgiving to work with, self-leveling very nicely at each coat, and looked pretty good in 2.  I'm wearing 3 here to make sure everything is even, but that 3rd coat didn't deepen or alter the final color, so ok to stop at 2.  In some brighter light pics here, my free edge is visible, but this is one of those strange cases where the camera "sees through" the shimmer - this was absolutely visually opaque though squishy IRL, and even in fairly bright sunlight I didn't see an obvious nail line.


POP Polish Slick Like That

Everyone agrees that there are basically only so many multichromatic pigments available to polish wizards.  Love them like I do, there's in general just a few variations of base color or added sparkle to differentiate many of them.  When POP polish claimed their versions were more magically shifting than anything I'd seen, well, I was a bit skeptical.

WOW.  Just.  Wow.  Spoiler alert: literally every color that flashes on the far edges of that bottle is there for real, and yes indeed, all of these pics are of the same single bottle of polish.

POP Polish Slick Like That is an ILNP Sirene-type shifter, a deep ocean teal when viewed straight on that shifts over through steely blue and into a gorgeous metallic purple the more you tilt your nails to catch the light at angles.

Where Sirene and others of her ilk in my collection stop, though, is that bright magenta seen on my index finger above, with only the barest hint of bronze.

SLT hits that magenta fully, but then keeps going …

Femme Fatale Aldebaran

Femme Fatale just keeps coming out with one amazing sparkly thing after another, and their offerings are both a big chunk of my collection as well as a big chunk of my untried pile.  When the man suggested red, I knew immediately which polish I'd be grabbing!

Aldebaran, named for a flame-colored star in the constellation Taurus, is a juicy warm red jelly packed with the round iridescent color-shifting glitters that have been so popular lately.  There's also a scattering of teeny tiny gold holo glitters, but this is more visual interest and not at all a linear holo flame.

By itself, the jelly base leans ever so slightly toward the cooler, berry side of red, but the fiery glow of the glitters pulls it firmly to the warmer side of red.

I've used 3 coats here, which gave me visually opaque coverage in all but the very brightest sunlight.  This was very nicely self-leveling at each coat and could have been worn with only 2 if you prefer a more sheer look.  The glitters are pres…

4th of July - pond mani stars & stripes

I'm in more than a few FB nail polish groups, and had to start a list of all the amazing designs I'd like to try out myself.  This idea of submerging stars into the layers of a pond mani was something I loved in the original and jumped on right away for my 4th of July look this year.

For those of you new to all the zany polish lingo, a "pond mani" is one where layers of opaque polish - most often a plain white crème - are sandwiched in between layers of a sheer jelly polish.  The end result is shapes emerging from the depths of color, like from under the waters of a pond.  In a nutshell, the technique is to brush on one layer of color, stamp in white, then another layer of color (important!! make sure your stamping is totally dry or the next layer of color will smear it), then repeat 2-3 or more times until you like the result.

For this version, I've stamped stars from HeHe-003 (plus one larger accent star from XXL-3) within 3 different layers of EdK Blue Soap Bu…

Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed

Not the first time I've mentioned it, but man do I have a backlog of much-wanted treasures that sit untried far too long at Chez Michelle.

Toxic Seaweed is easily in the top 5 all-time greatest hits of Cult Nails, and though I missed buying it direct from them (it was a limited edition from 2012), I was lucky enough to score a brand new one in a destash some time (>1 year, sheesh) ago.  
To get that gorgeously deep dark emerald underwater color, patience will be necessary: Toxic Seaweed is quite sheer.  I'm showing 3 coats here, and it's still a bit lighter than in the bottle; 4 coats would have been fine too.  Fortunately, the formula was utterly lovely, very smooth and even, so no trouble at all to build it up.  One could always layer it over a matching deep green to "conserve" the polish, but that ain't how I roll, yo.
So what we have here is an explosion of light-grabbing glass fleck sparkle and a healthy dose of fire flakies, that kind that shifts fro…