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Dance Legend Rain

After my last 2 Dance Legends have been wholly underwhelming, I checked through the list of untried goodies from them to see if there was a shot at redemption.  A-ha!  After absolutely loving the other 2 of the LE Mortal Kombat polishes (Reptile and Sub Zero) earlier this year, I snagged the 3rd one in the collection, Rain, to make this my only 100% complete polish collection ever.

Check out my new oval nails!  Malta #91's insane chippiness meant that I ended up with a pretty bad break along an edge of 2 different nails, so I could either go to nubbins or round them out.  They still seem strange (I've had square/squovals for so long now these don't look like me), but they're cute and a little girly, so I'll give it a whirl for a while.

Like the others in the collection, Rain is a very dark not-quite-black polish when cold that then shifts tonally to a plum wine when warm.  This jelly is packed with iridescent flakies that are mostly fiery-colored, but occasionally…

Dance Legend Malta #91 & some quick holiday stamping

For the Christmas holiday, I wasn't feeling super in the spirit, but I figured some red & green would certainly help get me there.  For starters, I pulled Dance Legend Malta #91 out of the untried pile.

This here bottle shot is all you need to know about this polish:

The gold shimmer is utterly gorgeous against the creamy forest greenThe gold shimmer 100% completely settles to the bottom of the bottle within 12 hours of a vigorous 15 minute shaking session to re-suspend itI know it settles out within 12 hours because this polish is a chippy bitch that needed touch-ups in that amount of time It was a big disappointment, and the lovely color isn't worth the fussy formula and the very poor wear time, so into the trade pile it goes.  While touching things up, I also stamped some white snowflakes using Born Pretty's BP-01 plate and Pretty Serious Presence.
And then on one side, I added some flashy, foil-y reindeer with BP's gold stamping polish and Pretty Serious Santa&#…

Femme Fatale Ouija & Maiden's Patience

And one (ok, two) last lovelies from Femme Fatale before I sail off to vacation for a couple of weeks.
Color 4 Nails scored a pair of store exclusives (as did a few other stores around the world) earlier this year, and the near-black Ouija was an instant must-have for me.  When Maiden's Patience from the Midsummer Night's Dream collection arrived with my Black Friday haul, I was struck at how the holo glitter in each was a nice compliment for the other.

Ouija is a super smooth dark charcoal (it's so close to black that I have it filed as black, but if you're dead set on true blackest black it's not quite there) with a gorgeously perfect formula that was fully opaque in 2 coats.  It has a very subtle linear holo and a smattering of smallish silver holo glitters.

Ouija made a pretty compliment/contrast to the very pale off-grey crelly of Maiden's Patience, which had a few different sizes of white and silvery holo glitters and a subtle aqua shimmer overlay in the…

Femme Fatale Hundred Years Winter

Next up on this week's Femme Fatale-a-palooza is Hundred Years Winter.  I originally passed on this one from the Narnia/White Witch collection, but some swatch pics in the fan group were just too fabulous to pass up.

Hundred Years winter is a rich, greyed-out mauve with a very contrasty bright teal shimmer.  It's nearly a one-coater, and 2 didn't deepen either the color or the shimmer - if it looks done, you can stop.

I'm a huge fan of contrasts or two-things-at-once in my polish, and this one utterly delivers.  The shimmer is not shy at all, and flashes gorgeously in any bright light.  In shade, the shimmer is much more stealthy, and the base color can look closer to grey than pink.

The formula was ridiculously creamy and stayed exactly where I put it; clean up was minimally necessary.  There were, unfortunately, what I can only assume to be little chunks of pigment stuck into several of my nails (most obvious as the bump on my middle finger above).  On one nail, I wo…

Femme Fatale Mad as a Hatter

A recent sample sale on Femme Fatale's FB fan group has me eager for all things FF; combine that with a good portion of my black friday haul being FF's magic, and it's time to dig these out of the untried pile right now.  From the recent Alice in Wonderland's Mad Tea Party collection, here's Mad as a Hatter.

Hatter is a dark pine green jelly packed with iridescent gold-to-red-to-green flakies, red microglitters, and what might be Fantasy Fire/230 shifting shimmer.  It's a whole lot going on, but it's a lovely, earthy autumn in a bottle.

The flakies are of course the first thing that catches the eye, with the effect being rather like Essie Shine of the Times over, say, Nars Zulu.  Hatter is a bit lighter than Zulu, never looking black in any lighting, but it does pick up some of the very dark, smoky look of that other deep green jelly.
The flakies aren't alone, though, with the microglitters giving their own splash of color to this one.
And only FF/230 h…

Lacquistry Chinese New Year & Amazeballz You're So Fine

Now that we've got flakies and holos and multichromes, everyone's looking for what will be the next hot thing.  Laqcuistry's got something pretty unique with her "metal flake" polishes, of which I have 2 here, Chinese New Year and Amazeballz (fine).

Amazeballz was apparently Laqcuistry's first foray into this magic mix, and she now stocks several different grades, each with a different size of golden metal flake.  This one on my ring finger is "You're so Fine," touted as a one-coat wonder.  And damn if it's not pretty close - a heavier hand would have done it in one, but I needed 2 for perfection.  The formula on Amazeballz is utterly perfect, which is good because cleanup of these flakes is as tricky as it is for any other flakes (they like to stick like they're grafted to one's cuticles).  Note that many swatch pics (including some of mine) show this color as a tarnished silver, and that's dead wrong.  This is GOLD, not silver …