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Clear Jelly Stamper Out of Africa, CJS-15 plate review

This week, I hit the zoo with my coworkers for a sorta teambuilding event... but really, wine tasting at the zoo!  Themed nails were clearly called for, and i could either go with wine or zoo, but the animals won.

First, I painted one single perfect coat of Jade Extasy, a light silvery blue linear holo.  Side note, UGH do I miss Jade.  These are rather small bottles, but the formula is just perfection, seriously no cleanup needed, and BAM look at that rainbow!  Then I used a handful of different stamping polishes and the CJS-15 plate - it's called "Out of Africa" on their web page, but labeled only with the number on the plate.

As with other Clear Jelly Stamper plates I've tried, the images are really detailed but very small. These plates always look bigger than reality on the web store, but even the smallest nails will have no problem finding room for an animal on each one, and long or broad nails could easily fit a safari's worth per nail.  My nails are about …

Polished for Days Milky Way + Baroness X Singularity + OPI Movin' Out comparison

This past July, the theme of For the Love of Polish was "galaxy," and while the other 2 polishes in that box got a lot of buzz, the deep navy from Polished for Days was the first one that caught my eye.

Polished for Days is a new-to-me brand, and this first try was a real winner.  Milky Way is a deep dark (but never black!) navy blue that is absolutely filled with ruby red shimmer, enough so that the look at arm's length tilts decidedly toward purple.  In my mind, this is OPI Russian Navy with the shimmer dialed all the way up to 11.

I'm wearing this in 2 coats, though it was aaaaaaaaalmost a 1 coater.  Milky Way has an excellent formula of ideal thickness that stays where you put it, with no cuticle pooling - pretty critical for something this dark that would be otherwise difficult to clean up.

Obviously, a navy blue background that's already showcasing a red flash prompted the need to top this with some 230/UP, and my picks from Baroness X's recent Shift in…

Emily de Molly Understatement

I got away to the beach for this past holiday weekend, and the festivities required something fun and of course holo for the sunshine!

Emily de Molly Understatement is certainly anything but.  It's a rich, deep, true red jelly, filled with gold holographic glitters.

I'm wearing 3 coats here - the color was pretty and had leveled out nicely at the 2nd coat, but each coat deepened the resulting color from a brighter, more poppy or orangey red to a flaming scarlet at 3 coats, which matched the look of the bottle.

I made decals on my stamping mat using Esmaltes da Kelly Joanna and MoYou London Flower Power 04 for the tomato-red flower outlines, then filled them in with Tris.  I loved the retro summertime look!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, Understatement is simply my new fave red. It's a good formula and a fantastic color, AND it wore very well too.  Hearts & flowers all around!

Where to buy:  direct from Emily de Molly, or scroll to the bottom of her store to take a look at …

CrowsToes Always

When Lauri released Total Eclipse of the Crow, I also snagged one I'd wanted from her "Triple M" collection earlier this year.  No polish should travel alone, right?

Always is a beautifully ethereal pearl pink base that exists only as a vehicle for the glowing electric blue shimmer.  It's duochromatic, shifting to magenta pink at angles, but most of the time the shimmer fired blue for me.  Always had an excellent formula of ideal thickness - I expect sheers to be runny or pool in the cuticles, but nope, this was perfection.

Most of the pics I have here make the glow of the blue look soft or subtle, and that was only the case in dim lighting.  In bright light outdoors or in, that blue shimmer truly was electric, and glowed like a ghost you can't get out of your heart.  The flash in the bottle below is very accurate, even where my nails look slightly more muted.

Always is of course a reference to Snape's heartbreaking revelation toward the end of the Harry Pot…