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Enchanted Polish Hey Jude

Everybody that gets into the madness of polish hoarding eventually comes across that impossible-to-find bottle that you'd jump off the cliff for: your lemming.  After seeing some amazingblogger swatches of this one, my vibrant-green-loving heart was snared.

Hey Jude is a whole bunch of colors, but most prominently, a rich green.  Internet opinions were about 50/50 as to whether this needed black undies like some duochromes do, so I went without to test the color and wear on its own - all pics here are 3 coats.

The computer desk where i most typically paint my nails is in a smallish room with a single CFL bulb in the fixture overhead and behind my back - bright enough to see where I'm going, but certainly not full sunlight.  In this lighting, I was immediately disappointed with my hard-won lemming.  It went on smoothly and self-leveled almost instantly so that even the first coat covered evenly, but it was the subtle soft silver-grey on my pinkie in the above pic, not the elec…

Pahlish Mad Man With a Box

Pahlish released Mad Man With a Box as a black Friday special, then again in January as part of her Dr. Who collection.  Now, I love me some DW (this is, I think, my 4th DW polish), but far more than a catchy name, I love me some sparkles.

MMWAB is a deep midnight blue packed with microglitter, shimmer, and micro-flakes.  All that twinkle translates easily onto the nail.

Most of the time, this polish appears to be a deep, shimmery sapphire.  In the shade, lighter blue to silvery bits are apparent, giving it a stars at night sort of appearance, but in the sun, WOW.  Check out the twinkles.

The micro-flakes look aqua-green in the macro pics, but other than a subtle suggestion of a teal flash, this wasn't obvious IRL.

It's thick enough that I think I'll be thinning it down before I use it again, and next go-round, I'll try it with some undies:  this is prone to chipping like hell on me.  I re-wrapped my tips and re-did my topcoat nightly to combat the day's chips (as…

Polished by KPT Country Road

Extremes of temperature (summer and winter) are my favorite times for thermal nail polish.  If it's frosty outside and the heat is running full-blast indoors, you're bound to get at least some of the funky french tip effect somewhen during your day.  KPT is known for her thermals, and today's Country Road from her fall/Halloween collection is no exception.

Country Road is a warm-toned thermal with plenty of shimmery sparkle in all its color shifts.  When cold (same color the bottle shows on the shelf), it's a rich milk-chocolate chestnut.

A good portion of the time, warm or cool, the shimmer in this polish appeared to be a rose gold shade.  Being as how rose gold is all trendy lately, consider snapping this one up if that's your thing.  The warm color was a sheer, soft nude, liberally sprinkled with gold, pink, copper, and a tiny hint of green sparkle.

The green wasn't readily apparent on the nail (nobody that wasn't staring at your nails like you do would …

KB Shimmer Witch Way?

After being disappointed by my last purple jelly, clearly the answer was to move on to ANOTHER purple jelly, so now I have KB Shimmer's Witch Way? for you.

Witch Way? is, as one of my non-nail polish pals described it, grape jelly.  It's straight-up concord grape purple, with a lovely translucent gloss even after the 3 coats it needed for full coverage. Mixed into this jelly is plenty of fine holographic particles, plus small holo round glitter.

This stuff managed to always be sparkly, without ever being an obnoxious disco ball.  I'm not a huge fan of full-on glitter bombs (I do work in a real lab and don't need to look like a princess), but I do like me some sparkly bizness, and this delivers.

Outdoors, the color showed up as just a touch lighter than inside, and wow did the sun play on those holo glitter bits!

Most of the time indoor (whether near a window or under the fluorescents of the office), this was a deep grape color, never near-black, not particularly vampy.…

Oxen by Colors by Llarowe

Oxen is a nice bruisy holo from Colors by Llarowe.  I purchased it on its first run, before there were "proper" swatches out there, but an oxblood holo sounded good enough for this burgundian lover!

It wore pretty well, was nicely pigmented and easy to apply.  I'm glad I grabbed it, even though I'm leery of things without lots of swatches.

Definitely a winner!


Contrary Polish River Market

I have a love/hate relationship with jelly-type polishes.  On the good side, the formula on these tends to be very easy to control, and because they're not as thick, they're easier to clean up.  In the minus column, though, they tend to wear just awfully on me - it's like the lack of shimmer/pearl/glitter particles makes it less strong or reinforced.  Today, I have one that has all the pros and cons of jellies:  Contrary Polish's River Market.

River Market is a very deep purple jelly with fiery ruby sparkles peeking out.  Like the best jellies, this one looked way glossy and shiny once I was finished.

Unfortunately, it absolutely needed 3 coats to even it out (jellies being prone to patchy/imperfect coverage on their first coats, and this one was no exception), and that made the final result exactly as dark as it was in the bottle.  Other swatches I'd seen of this one had it at a deep, rich, royal purple with glowing embers, but in all but direct, bright light, thi…

Celestial Cosmetics Mother of Dragons

Mother of Dragons is from the Celestial Cosmetic's "Seven Kingdoms" collection (based on the Game of Thrones).   I was only mildly interested in any of the polishes from the collection, and was not at all interested in this one because the description made it sound a lot more orange than I was interested in.

And then I saw swatches, and then I needed it.
And then I had to wait for a restock, because most of the collection sold out rather quickly the first time around.

It's a glorious bright pink (not red) that flashes to a coral kind of orange.  Lots of shimmer and flash, lots of pretty shiny.

I really liked this, it was a lot prettier on me  than I thought it would be, and I'm not sorry at all to own this one.   The color shift was substantial enough to notice and be worth it.
It went on very smoothly and easy and was utterly opaque in 2 coats.   It wore very well and I received a ton of compliments on it.
I bought it from Color4Nails (Celestial is an Australian…

OPI On Her Majesty's Secret Service

The other polish I picked for my recent business trip is from OPI's James Bond collection, On Her Majesty's Secret Service.  I'd had this put on my toes at my fave pedicure spot right before leaving for the trip, then brought it with me to change my nails mid-week, and wow, that was a good idea.

Once again, sorry, all shots in the imperfect dim light of the hotel, but they are very color-accurate.  Check out this bottle shot - you can see tons of greeny-gold sparkle (almost micro-glitter) packed into the gunmetal silver base.  The sparkles translated onto the nail beautifully.

This polish is quite sheer;  both my fingers and my toes needed a full 3 coats for opacity.  In the bright light shot here, you can see through the free edge of the nail, but this wasn't typically visible.

In most lights, OHMSS is gunmetal silver.  All the sparkles give it a nearly-foil-like finish, but overall, pewter or tarnished silver is what ya got.  Those sparkles are magic, though:  green,…

Sadness by Dance Legend

Sadness is from the new Mist Way collection by Dance Legend.  Specifically, it's #10 from that collection.  It was an impulse purchase that worked out pretty well for me (I initially only meant to get Albion).   I guessed that the color would look well on me, and I was not wrong.

Clearly I went a little bonkers on the pictures for this one, but I really, really liked it.  The flakes were prominent enough to be noticeable, but not so dense as to be difficult to apply, obnoxious or overwhelming to the polish.  It's a nice little accent.   It applied easily, and the flakes weren't too bumpy (a thick topcoat would have evened it right out if it mattered).

Even after a couple of coats, there is subtle VNL, but I didn't mind it with this color.   A decent colored undie would keep that from showing (if you care about such things).

I really like the color, it's very delicate and nice.   Probably not as obnoxious as I would like while I'm busy being tired of the dreary …