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Zoya Olivera

One good purple-green duochrome deserves another, and after the bright metal of a England's Katyusha, I swung all the way back over to blackened vampy with Zoya's Olivera.

This bottle shot tells the whole story right up front:  Olivera is a lush, inky navy blue packed with a duochromatic shimmer that shifts from purple to emerald.  In one coat (and if you use a medium-thick coat, one is all you need), it's a more sapphire blue.  In two as shown here, the blue darkens out to navy - if you have some sweet skills managing consistency of your application technique, you really do have 2-in-1 here.

Olivera has to be the closest thing I've ever seen to the iridescence of a grackle.  In low light, it's never quite black, always keeping at least a suggestion of color around the edges, like a grackle in shadow.  Either Maleficent fans or birdwatchers or just lovers of vampy shades in general should just snap this right on up ASAP.

In the sun, again like the flash of sunlight…

a England Katyusha + a quick comparison

Aaaaaah, a England:  how many times do I paint with one of Adina's creations and then wish that every formula could be just like this?  a England has had some incredibly similar-looking colors in her recent collections - quite a few of them now have had a pewter-silver in there - so I originally passed on all of the Russian Soul collection.  I don't remember which blogger to credit with my finally buying Katyusha, but this is one of my fave silvers ever now.

Katyusha is a gorgeous mid-tone silver (nowhere near as bright true silver as the cap, and nowhere near blackened pewter/gunmetal silver) that in low light looks quite cool-toned, with a bit of a purple/green shift visible in the bottle and a greenish tinge to the curve of the nails.
The lower and softer the light, the more noticeably shifty these cool colors are, picking up some of the aqua, green, and purple from the bottle, and then finally on over to a lovely aqua green at extreme angles.
In brighter light, though, the…

SpaRitual Lithophonic

It's not my everyday M.O., but sometimes you just get the urge to go super matchy-matchy, like my nails are part of my jewelry.  Since I was wearing a green top with tigereye bronze & brown jewelry, SpaRitual's Lithophonic fit the bill.

Lithophonic is a cool-leaning dark brown with a very fine forest green shimmer that's only subtly apparent on the nail - the shimmer ends up being such a small particle so thoroughly integrated that it generally just makes this brown lean a little more green.

To echo the swirls in my tigereye jewelry, I've stamped using El Corazon's lush bronze-green foil Sea Depths and the radiating feather/teardrop geometric design from Creative Shop Plate 71.  Aside note - CS might be my all time fave plate maker.  She does gorgeously small, intricate drawn images that are always etched perfectly, and end up picking up effortlessly even with tricky polishes.  YES.

In lower light, the brown looked a lot more chocolatey, while in brighter ligh…

Pink Leopard Print

We threw a surprise birthday showers for one of my work buddies this week.  Her soon-to-be tiny human is a little girl, and her fave thing ever is leopard print, so pink spots were in order!
I started with 3 coats of Sinful Colors Glass Pink, possibly my all time fave pink - it's sheer but extra glass-fleck-y (one of the most straightforwardly truthful names ever), and gorgeous as both a topper and on its own.  To that I added the leopard spots from Uber Chic's Out of Africa plate using SuperChic Lacquer Realm of Erotica.

It's a lot brighter in a KERPOW! way than I usually go for, but I ultimately thought it was adorable, and more importantly, she loved it  <3 div="">

Aliquid Lacquer Mercy, Mastery, Mystery + 2 Small Comparisons

The man picked dark blue for this round of "hundreds of untrieds can't make a decision," so I pulled out this one from Aliquid Lacquer... which I bought along with a couple of her friends well over a year ago and yet STILL haven't tried out this brand.  Here goes!

Mercy, Mastery, Mystery (which is a total mouthful!) was one of my attempts to quash my lemming for Finnnally it's Hoodie Time, though it of course ended up being nothing much at all like that one.  What it actually is, is a slatey grey-blue with a beautiful scarlet red shimmer overlay and a scattering of warm orange multichrome flakes, overall giving the look of a subtle ember burning through smoke.

The creamy finish hid some of the flakies and went on a bit thick for my taste (there's a little chip in my ring finger here after only about 48h of wear, and I don't see much flakies at all on  my pinky), but one layer of topcoat brought out a great shine, and made it glassy smooth.

The red shimmer…