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Baroness X Amphitrite

Early this year, Baroness X started releasing mystery polishes once per month, each themed on a myth or legend, and each paired with a handful of scented bath or nail care items.  While mysteries aren't my thing in general (I have waaaaayyy too many polishes to risk being sad over getting something dupe-ish), the Baroness herself posts a "hint" in her fan group that's been enough to let me know whether or not i'll want the polish in question.

Amphitrite was the Monthly Mythical Mystery for April.  Named for the Greek sea goddess, it's a lovely sky-blue crelly scattered with both blue-to-green iridescent flakies and blue-green shimmer.

This polish went on quite sheer and was a little streaky at first, but built up nicely in 3 coats.  It did need a layer of topcoat to let the shimmer sparkle and to meld those layers, but once topcoated, it had a lovely glassy shine.

The under-shot shows both the sheerness (the shimmer does hide VNL just fine) and the soft touc…

Hard Candy Coconut + MOAR MUSIC!

Continuing my musical nails for the week, I went in a totally different direction; since the opposite of goth is cute...

I've picked up a few of the Hard Candy anniversary re-releases now.  Though I was certainly into polish in my college days, apparently I wasn't hardcore yet because I never would have considered dropping $15 or 20 on a bottle of anything at that time.  The $4 releases at wally world, though, hey, i'll give that a whirl.

Coconut is exactly as creamy a white as that name would suggest.  The formula is, to be blunt, crappy: it goes on with a subtly granular appearance in the first coat that had me worried it was going to end up legit lumpy.  3 coats were needed to get this to opacity, and with topcoat, POOF, things were for the most part magically evened out.

Coconut has a hot magenta-pink shimmer that's readily apparent in the bottle, yet 100% invisible on the nail.  The macro shot above shows plenty of that flash in the bottle, and a nice smear of it …

Sephora OPI 212-Sephora Goes Goth!

This week is a live music extravaganza in my area.  I have friends going to a whole list of different shows, and I'm hitting up 2 concerts this week. Crazy!  The interesting unifying thing for all of them is that these acts all had their heydays in the 80s and 90s - turns out me and my crew are too old for Bieber or whatever the kids are into these days, haha!

For my first show, I went with SOPI's 212-Sephora.  Originally sold only at the NYC store, this polish is supposed to be reminiscent of neon lights or cigarette ashes sparking on wet asphalt.

212 is a black jelly base that's absolutely packed with a rich bronze shimmer (enough that it looks like a blackened bronze at arm's length), then scattered with fire-colored flakies (the ones that shift from gold to orange to red), and lightly dusted with tiny holo microglitters.  It's sheer enough to need 2.5-3 coats, but the formula dries quickly and is very easy to work with.

I stamped this spooky spiderweb design u…

Femme Fatale The Weirding Way

When ya gotta glitter, ya gotta glitter: Femme Fatale's The Weirding Way.

The Weirding Way, part of this year's Dune collection, is more than a little bit of a chameleon.  The jelly base reflects different lighting conditions very differently, so that sometimes it's a brown-tinged wine and others it's a dusty mauve pink.

Overlying the base color is a scattering of glitters in various sizes, some holographic, and a heavy electric blue shimmer.

2 coats were close to opaque, but a partial coat brushed mainly over the tips opaqued the edges nicely.  The formula was fantastic for a glitter, requiring no dabbing at all to get this nicely even glitter spread.

The blue shimmer was prominent in most all lighting - nothing shy or hidden here!  Glitters stuck up just a little, especially around the edges, but were pretty simple to push back into place while still a little wet.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  A totally interesting and unique color that I want to revisit as a possible…

NerdLacquer P versus NP

After a polish-making hiatus, NerdLacquer re-opened her web store early this year, and has been periodically stocking new trios without fanfare.  I recently took the plunge and ordered a few from one of the first ladies to make indies be a Big Thing, with my first one being P versus NP.

P versus NP is named for an unsolved Millennium Prize math problem (oh no, this girl is NOT getting her polish inspiration from junk reality tv!).  It's a greyed taupe, just a touch more warm tan than you'd call a neutral cement grey, with both a linear holo and metallic gold flakies.

In very bright sunlight, the flakies were masked by a pale gold flash and the delicate sparkling of the linear holo arc, but were otherwise visible the majority of the time, and of course most noticeable in shady light.

The formula on this one was slightly thicker and more sticky than ideal, but ultimately self-leveled perfectly to a glossy crelly shine even before topcoat.  The flakies don't stick out at all,…

Literary Lacquers Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

Somewhere on a FB nail polish group, a nail fanatic said that Literary Lacquers' Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster was quite possibly her fave polish of all time.  Well, that was a strong enough rec for me, so...

PGGB, named of course for the legendary brain-destroying cocktail in The Hitchhiker's' Guide to the Galaxy, is a lusciously cool tropical-ocean aqua.  It was somewhat sheer, typical for other LLs I've tried, and needed 3 coats for opacity.

The extra coat is no trouble, though, since the formula is smooth, thin in a way that makes it easy to control (not runny/watery), and dries quickly.  This is a jelly-type holo, so the sheerness goes with the territory and allows the holo particles to sparkle forth.

PGGB is a linear holo of the sort that is lightly sparkling rather than blinding holo flame, with added tiny iridescent holo microglitter circles.  Even when the light isn't really bright enough to get the linear holo flash, those little dots twinkle things up nice…

Frenzy Polish Autumn Symphony

My first foray into Frenzy Polish has been sitting here unloved for more than a few months, but seeing swatches of something else by her reminded me about the couple of fantastic flakies that I needed to get around to, including Autumn Symphony.

Autumn has a pretty perfect name:  this isn't the super pale and bright blue of a summer sky, but a heavier cadet blue of cooler weather with a few storm clouds.  Its rich, creamy base is packed with metallic copper and tiny red flakies, just the color of crushed fall leaves.

This was nicely opaque in 2 coats, and was fantastically self-leveling to a lovely glossy smoothness.  One layer of topcoat, and this was nice & glassy.  This is, of course, the type of blue that will cling like a barnacle to your cuticles, so be sure to paint careful and be handy with the clean-up brush.

The flakes were in no way shy, with a high enough contrast that the speckled finish was plenty visible even at arm's length.

To match the copper flakes, I s…

Colors by Llarowe Her Red Hair

Redheads make up only a tiny percentage of the world population (there's a pretty decent book about it if you'd like to trace both the genetics and cultural response to the phenomenon), and as a ginger myself, I'm a sucker for redhead things.  To whoever posted a swatch pic of this one, thanks, you sucked me straight into needing this one!

Her Red Hair is a Llarowe exclusive for Nailland Hungary.  The ladies there said they wanted a color that represented all the shades that red hair can be - fiery orange, red, copper gold - but do do so as a duochrome that didn't also shade to purple or green.  I think they've really captured that inspiration here.

Orange flames, check.

Scarlet red, edged in bronze and copper, check.

Cooler, not-quite-berry red with a lovely shine, check.

Her Red Hair is duochromatic shimmer of a warm fire color that's packed into a cooler berry red base - the underside of my nails and the bottle neck were a very different color than the final…