Baby Dog!

New month, new nail art prompts from one of my FB groups, and what was going to be a quick cute something for a couple of days ended up being my look for most of a week.  The prompt was "baby" and while I just don't particularly care for people babies, I have been spending a whole lot of quality time with my sweet baby dog, who happens to be fawn & white, so voila!

indoor, bright CF lighting
I've started here with 4 very thin, super smooth coats of Girly Bits Eggnogoholic - I said the first time that I wore it that I wasn't sure it would come to opacity even by 4, and whaddyaknow, it does indeed!  Over this off-white creamy speckly base, I've added paw prints & an "I heart/paw my dog" image from Marianne Pro No 20, and the A++ sighthound image from MoYou London Animal 01 in Super Chic Rum Billie.

Hope you're finding zen with your pupper kiddos as well,


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