Purple & Gold Stained Glass

This week I had a lecture/meeting thing going on that meant avoiding anything too flashy or outré was probably a good idea, but bringing at least a little nail game was of course called for.

Stained Glass decal mani
outdoor, bright sunlight
I started with two very easy coats of a England Lady of the Lake (as usual when using aE polishes, I wonder why I don't have literally everything she's ever made), a lush cool-toned purple scattered holo.  On my accent nails are two smooth coats of Emily de Molly Iridescent Skies, a very pale silvery lavender holo.  I used the circular stained-glass motif from UR Beautiful 10 and gold stamping polish to create decals filled in with Lady of the Lake and aE Dragon.

Stained Glass decal mani
outdoor, shady/overcast daylight


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