Star Trek TNG: Acting Ensign

And we're back to the final frontier!

Star Trek TNG: Acting Ensign Crusher's uniform
indoor, bright CF lighting
My younger sib, every bit as nerdy as me, has been totally geeking out over my Star Trek The Next Generation nails, and gets all credit for this design.  Wesley Crusher is far from universally loved by the fan community, and people tend to either think he's a Gary Stu or that he's an entry point for younger fans.  Either way, his science brains and dedication in the face of being told to "shut up" (most certainly not the high point of dialogue) earned him a position as acting ensign, and that uniform design is pretty sweet. 

Star Trek TNG: Acting Ensign Crusher's uniform
outdoor, shady/overcast daylight
For the wool blend of the jumpsuit, I've started with two smooth and easy coats of Different Dimension Twisted Fantasy.  The scattered holo sparkle makes this look heathered in low light, and the pale orchid microflakie shimmer (below) is just an added bonus.

Star Trek TNG: Acting Ensign Crusher's uniform
outdoor, shady daylight
What I loved about this uniform is a nod to the fact that the wearer has not gone through Starfleet Academy so hasn't picked a "major" - all three colors of the divisions, red for command, yellow for security/operations, and blue for science/medical are striped across the top.  Apparently, this wasn't instantly obvious for everybody, with both my partner and a bunch of redditors thinking this uniform was graced with random rainbows a la some whackaloo 80s color scheme. 

Star Trek TNG: Acting Ensign Crusher's uniform
outdoor, afternoon sunlight


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