Baroness X Event Horizon

 Last weekend, the man and I went on a lovely road trip - New Jersey is beautiful and peaceful in the off-season, y'all - and when we got back I decided I was done with Star Trek nails and ready to ponder a new theme.  In the meantime, one good Baroness X polish deserved another, so I pulled this beauty out of mount untried.

indoor, bright CF lighting


outdoor, cloudy daylight

Baroness X released Event Horizon as part of a LE outer-space themed collection in 2017 that was all-around gorgeous, all dark inky stellar beauties.  This one is a smoky black jelly base filled with a gold-to-green "sister UP" shimmer and a light scattering of iridescent flakies.

indoor, CF lighting

The formula was smooth and of a flawless consistency that was very easy to work with.  It's sheer enough to let the shimmer sparkle forth without being masked, so I'm showing 3 coats here.

outdoor, cloudy daylight

Most of my pics show emerald green over charcoal, and while that look was easily apparent in direct light, at any angles the golden shift would start to come up, meaning that most often at arm's length this was a sparkly olive-bronze.

outdoor, afternoon sunlight

The flakies were small and a little shy, never really taking center stage, but instead adding a delicate complexity to the overall look.

indoor, bright CF lighting

Rating:  an intergalactic 5 out of 5 stars, Event Horizon is so very much my jam.  Not only was it perfectly decent to work with, it also wore like iron, with minimal edgewear after a solid week.  All dark colors show wear very easily, and jellies always wear very quickly on me, so this was entirely unexpected.  A great formula with a ho-hum color wouldn't be the end-all, though, but no worries, this bottle is gorgeous.

Where to buy:  Event Horizon is long sold out, keep an eye out for destashes & blog sales. 



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