Ninja Polish Color Changing Garnet

Ninja Polish started out as a US-based stockist for international polish brands, but when she started offering her own concoctions, WOW.  Today, I have Color-changing Garnet.

Most of the time in direct light, you get a rich red garnet color.  It's brassily metallic, with really pronounced sparkle and shimmer.  The magic rainbow edge seen in the bottle fortunately translates completely onto the nail.

Turn your hands even a little, and plenty of other colors are instantly there.

outdoor sunset light

In any angled or indirect light, you get flashes of bronze, orange, and mossy green.  This stuff right here is autumn in a bottle.  In extreme angles, it goes right to grass and even emerald green.

As with a lot of duochromes, even more interesting things happen when viewed through the altered refractive index of water (SCIENCE! AWESOME!).  Little beads of water reflect bright aqua blue:

this resulted in a LOT of staring at my nails while in the shower.

I'm pretty sure the color changing magic is due to there being two different types of pigments in the bottle.  A macro shot shows plenty of itty-bitty microglitter, but there's gaps of space in between each particle.  There's definitely a finely-ground color-shifting pigment in here, too, and the interaction between the two results in the quick color changes.

This does mean you'd have to use A LOT of layers for this to be full coverage on its own.  This swatch stick was painted half black first, and then got 2 very generous coats over the whole thing.

The already opaque black side looks like it's been covered opaquely, while the bare plastic side looks very spotty.  This same difference in coverage happens on bare nail, too.  I layered 2 coats of Color-changing Garnet over my LA Girl Addict from earlier this week to try and cover the edge wear & minor chips, but no dice:

indoor, under a bright lamp

Though the red color is covered completely opaquely (no hints of the undies were visible in any lighting), all my spots where bare nail were peeking through still look mostly nekkid afterward.  There was no difference in coverage between 1 and 2 coats, and I can't tell a huge difference between the final color after layering over red vs black - I'm sure any dark, opaque color would do equally well, but it would be an interesting experiment to try other colors.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.  This is absolutely one of those things that has me glancing at my nails all the time.  The color change is quick and obvious in all lighting.

Where to buy:  All of Ninja Polish's creations can be found on her own website.  She's been a little MIA lately (a recent post on facebook said that life was treating her kinda rough, but that she was still working on making batches), so here's hoping there's a restock soon.



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