LA Girl Addict

LA Girl is a pretty easy-on-the-wallet brand with a wide range of colors grouped into themes.  Their "Rock Star" collection had a few that piqued my interest.  Here's Addict:

Addict is a truly blood-red polish: not berry, not wine, not fire-engine, blood.  The first coat is a brighter red, but by the time you build the creme/jelly finish up to opacity, it's taken on a very slightly brownish tint.  My first picture here is a good bit darker than it was IRL; it never appeared black or nearly-black in any lighting. Though it's washed out a bit, flash pics get close to the color in bright light (my crazy work schedule prevented sunlight pics, sorry):

indoor, with flash

The bottle has plenty of visible shimmer in it (as do several other people's swatch photos), but on my nails, the shimmer was very subtle, even in bright light.  Like many jellies or partly-jellies, it needed 3 coats to cover any patchy places (visually patchy, that is.  Each layer dried perfectly smooth and level), and there was pretty noticeable tip wear within 2 days.

Also, a quick heads-up.  I'm definitely a shaken-not-rolled when it comes to mixing polish right before applying, and with this bottle, I discovered that the big, slightly flared bottle cap is actually an easily-removed cover to a small grooved cap.  This discovery, of course, happened via me flinging the bottle across the room.  Thank goodness the thick glass is industrial-strength.

The bottle is easy to open regardless of which cap/handle you're using.  I checked my other LA Girl polishes, and yep, same deal-io with all the bottle caps.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.  The true blood-red color is pretty unique in my collection, but the fussiness of 3 coats, underwhelming shimmer, and quick tip wear are less than ideal.

Where to buy:  I've seen some LA Colors pop up at CVS recently, so that might be worth checking out.  I got this one (and several others in this line) from Cherry Culture.  They often have sales going on, so the already affordable $4 LA Colors can usually be super bargains.



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