Happy New Year! (HoneyRider by OPI)

Happy New Year!  Favorite bubbly and favorite gold polish!

My traditional New Year's Eve mani is OPI's Glitzerland.  It's my very favorite gold polish of all time and I love it like puppies.

OPI started their Liquid Sand line this year, and in their Bond Girls collection, they released Honey Ryder, which is dead on for Glitzerland-as-a-Sand, so I thought I would switch it up for a change.

In the shade/sun

I love the multidimensional look of Sands, but I hate the actual texture, so I Gelous the hell out of them to keep them smooth and shiny, but it still keeps the textured look.

In indirect sunlight

Sorry about the blur, but my camera went bonkers in the sun!  My nails also look freakishly long at this angle.

I love it.  I will probably not wear it for much more than NYE festivities, I'm just not into many golds, but I do like it.

I hope everyone has a fantastic 2014!



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