Hits Mari Moon Chameleon and Friends

Trying out some of my fun Hits Mari Moon duochromes during my recent comparison experiments reminded me that the only one I'd really worn so far was the incredible Unconventional.  When my partner suggested a rich green for my next mani (he often picks the general color out for me), I went straight for Chameleon.

In the bottle, Chameleon is a rich green.  In direct sunlight or direct indoor light, it's instead a lighter silvery green with a pinkish flash in the middle (more pastel-y indoors, more shiny outdoors, but the same sort of muted greens).

It is unfortunately a bit sheer, and it needed all 3 of the coats I put on.  You can see through it in a few patches, but only at juuuuust the right angle.

yeah, right there at the tip of my middle finger.
Indoors or out, as soon as it leaves the bronze-mossy greens...

Chameleon can head right for a heart-stopping emerald...

And then just a touch of teal blue...

Before hitting a rich royal purple.

Now, if only I had 8 (non-thumb) fingers and could stitch this pair of pics together, you'd have the whole shift from yellow-bronze green to emerald to teal to purple.

It's gorgeously shifty, I got toms of compliments, it's worn great on me...and I've most definitely seen this magic before.  Head on over to check out my post from 2 months ago about my biggest lemming ever, Enchanted Polish's Hey Jude.  Yep, same silvery green start, all they way through to the purple, except that Hey Jude was more opaque and has a scattered holo sparkle.

Turns out I'm incapable of stopping myself when I see pics of something shift like this.  Here we have, from left to right, Chameleon, EP Hey Jude, Dance Legend Solar Eclipse, Darling Diva Bohemian Rhapsody, and EP The Youth.

Yep, all have that subtle rim of purple/red around the bottom edge, and all have a little flash of teal in the top left corner.  The swatch sticks showed me the same purple shift for all of them (sticks in same order as bottles above), with the holos appearing a little lighter of course, due to the silvering effect of the holo particles:

btw, the right 1/2 of Chameleon's stick is black, but you can see here undies aren't required.
The base greens show a clearer touch of difference:

The colors of Chameleon & Hey Jude differ only in that Hey Jude is lightly holographic.  Solar Eclipse is slightly more mossy at this angle than any others.  Bohemian Rhapsody and The Youth are both linear holos, and IMHO are complete dupes of each other.  It would take a lot MORE pics to get through all the possible color shifts here, so I made my first nail polish video:

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  The color is of course fantastic, and it's worn great for me (4 solid days with only a minor chip on my right hand), I just wish it was a touch more opaque or had Hey Jude's super smooth finish.  I don't need 5 dupes of this color even for backup bottles, but damn if they're not all super gorgeous.

Where to buy:  in the US, Llarowe is your go-to option for Hits.  If anyone tries to order direct from the Brazilian website, I'd love to know how that worked out for you!



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