Polished by KPT Blood Thick as Gold

Like the last 2 KPT thermals I've posted, Blood Thick as Gold is from Polished by KPT's fall/Halloween 2013 collection, but still available at her store as of today.

indoor CF lighting
BTaG shifts from a warm red in the cold/room temperature state, to a warm gold-ish nude in the warm state.  At all temperatures, nearly translucent gold flakies peeked out, adding a subtle flash no matter what color the rest was.  Suz passed this one on to me (thank you!) because it was too warm on her skin tone, which started me down-the-rabbit-hole of searching to try and figure if I was "warm" or "cool"...  I would have sworn I'm cool, but i think this looks nice on me, so clearly, I still don't 100% have a grasp on it.

Anyway.  Like a  lot of thermals I've tried, it's pretty thick and more than a little gloopy - it'll be thinned down a bit before I use it again.  It goes warm quick enough, and the warm color is nude enough, that cleanup is a little tricky - you think you've just done an A+ job of painting in the lines, until your fingertips get cold and you find some red off the edges.  Like most thermals, this one is very matte when it dries, and most definitely needs a topcoat to look its best.

not shiny on its own
All warmed up, and with shiny topcoat, the nude shows lots of gold flakies as well as a good bit of shimmer.

As the temperature comes down just a bit, I got the funky-french-tip effect plenty of the time.

outdoor, indirect sunlight
This one showed a lot of different shades between all-red and all-nude, with plenty of fiery corals in between.

both pics outdoor, indirect sunlight
And on into a red when cool that was somewhere between brick and HOT.

indoor office fluorescents
outdoor, late afternoon sunlight
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  The colors and the shift were striking, but this was one that wore way too quick on me, with chips in less than 24h.  This will probably be helped when I thin it down to smoother coats, so the total mani isn't as thick.

Where to buy:  Polished by KPT web store



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