CBL Wind Beneath My Wings

At the end of March, Llarowe launched a handful of polishes that each benefited a different charity.  Though they were all pretty, Wind Beneath My Wings, with proceeds to go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, was the clear standout of the bunch.

indoor CF lighting
WBMW is a dusky greyish blue that has both an almost-linear holo and a rich copper shimmer.  The base color is soft like a well-worn old pair of jeans, and was nicely opaque in 2 coats.  Though I've disliked CBL brushes for being too soft & floppy before, this bottle's brush had just the right stiffness for both flexibility and good coverage.

outdoor, late afternoon direct sunlight
That copper shimmer is just fantastic.  As you can see from both of the above photos, it's not shy, and sparkles like embers in the smoky blue in both softer indoor light and brighter sunlight.  The scattered holo is of course more apparent in the sun than indoors, but even in bright light isn't so much of a linear holo flame that it competes with the copper shimmer.

At angles, the copper shifts on to a golden bronze...

And right on into that bright grassy emerald that I love so much from Precious Metal.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Good formula, lovely color, decent wear time (3 days with minimal edge wear and minor chipping), what's not to like?

Where to buy:  This was a LE, though Llarowe has hinted that at least one of the LEs might make a return appearance.  Keep an eye on the their facebook page to see if this one will make another appearance at Llarowe's store.



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