Cadillacquer Memory Palace + some Fall leaves

Earlier this fall, Swiss nail polish artiste Cadillacquer released her "Eat the Rude" collection, inspired by the recent Hannibal TV show.  While I don't usually get sucked into fun fandom nail polish based on names alone, that impulse managed to have me only stop short of buying the whole collection.  This is pretty much my favorite show in YEARS, and these were gorgeous polishes.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Memory Palace is a soft, creamy color somewhere between grey and green - I seriously had a hard time filing it (my stash is sorted based on color), and ultimately went with green, but it looks a little different in every lighting condition, and leans more one way or the other.

indoor, window-filtered overcast daylight
In cool, low light, Memory Palace is definitively green, of an earthy sort you'd expect to find as part of a wild bird's eggshell.  In most all lighting conditions, there's a twinkling glint from bronze microflakies mixed throughout.

indoor, CF lighting
Though it's subtle, yes, that is a bit of a scattered holo flash you see in the macro there, and more so in bright sunlight.

outdoor, direct sunlight
The overall effect was sometimes a near-metallic look, almost as though my nails had become copper verdigris.

outdoor, late afternoon sunlight
The formula was utterly dreamy, thick in a good way that meant there was no cuticle pooling and pretty minimal cleanup.  It looked a little streaky on the first coat, but after giving it just a moment to settle down (due to the thickness), it was ultimately completely self-leveling, and a heavier painter could get away with one coat.

I was more in the mood for autumn than this sprintgime but edgy near-pastel, and dressed it up in some fall leaves from the Born Pretty BPL-024 plate, using Dance Legend Robots vs Humans and a England Dragon.

indoor, CF lighting
Rating:  a solid 4 out of 5 stars.  The soft, unique color and lovely formula were great to begin with, but then it wore LIKE IRON.  I had guests in town and no real time to paint my nails all week, so this stayed on for 6 days looking great.

Where to buy:  I get this Swiss import from Color 4 Nails.



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