Orly Royal Velvet + a dupe

The man picked "purple" for my next color, and I unearthed something from Mount Untried that had come highly recommended to me, Orly Royal Velvet

indoor, CF lighting
Royal Velvet (btw, Orly duped themselves when they released Mysterious Curse, so same stuff if you have that label instead) is a sheer plum-colored base that is absolutely packed with a very finely milled blue-to-red color shifting shimmer.  The ultimate effect is that the base color always looks dark and vampy, while she pearly shimmer is duochromatic.

outdoor, overcast daylight
In low light, RV looked like a black pearl glowing dully, while in brighter light, a faint sparkle struck off the surface.

outdoor, direct late afternoon sunlight
In all lighting situations, this was a quite dark polish, but it was never black.  The shimmer often appeared as a cobalt blue flash when the base color looked darkest.

window-filtered bright sunlight
And then I'd get that lovely shifting duochrome where the cobalt slid into an almost purple red.

indoor, incandescent lighting

bright window-filtered daylight
The jellyish base required 3 coats for the evenness and opacity you see here, but things dried quickly enough that the extra coat was NBD.  Though it was a sorta-jelly, it wore much better than expected, with only fine, even edgewear and no chipping at all after several days.  While wearing this beauty, I happened to receive a destash sale package that I'd recently ordered, only to find this:

excuse the crappy lighting, but you get the idea
Apparently, I'd subliminally reached for Royal Velvet as soon as I ordered something that looked exactly like it.  What can I say, I'm a total sucker for duochromes, and at least I swoon consistently at this sort of color shift?

L to R, Orly, SpaRitual, Orly, SpaRitual for both pics

SpaRitual's Health, Wealth, and Happiness is a 100% dead dupe for Orly Royal Velvet.  Both of them needed 3 coats for opacity, both of them have the exact same color shift to the shimmer.  Both of them even have those rubberized caps that make things so easy to handle.  I have a slight preference for the brush on the Orly, and I think it covered a little more evenly and dried a hair quicker, so I'll be passing my new SR on to a new home.

Rating:  Royal Velvet gets a super strong 4 out of 5 stars.

Where to buy:  this is part of Orly's core line, so can be found at any beauty supply store, or online.



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