Vapid Lacquer Spellcaster

I joined a group on facebook called Hella Holo Customs a few months ago - this batch of holo-loving ladies recruits a duo of polish makers each month to come up with an interpretation of inspiration pics that the members vote on.  While straight-forward basic holos don't suck me in (I'm loaded up with goodies with great formulas from Jade and Dance Legend, thanks), I'm always a total sucker for those polishes with a little something extra.
indoor, bright CF lighting
My first dive into the HHC pool is this stunner, Vapid Lacquer's Spellcaster.  At first glance, it's a rich, nearly vampy purple with a sparkly bit of rainbow.  But boy does this one have plenty of other faces to show.

outdoor, direct sunlight

With a tilt of the fingers, the purple shifts out into rosy wine and warm golden bronze, so much so that the purple vanishes completely.  But that's not all...

indoor, window-filtered daylight
Is that a green flash creeping up over the edges of the purple while this is in the shade?  Why yes, it is indeed!

outdoor, late afternoon daylight
Looks to me like we have a solid dusting of 230/Fantasy Fire red-to-green shifting pigment layered on top of the duochrome.  Though the red part is hard to see over the red or purple shades, the bottle macro shows that coppery pink flash that's pretty typical for this magic dust.

indoor, bright CF lighting
And of course, the green gets to emerald proportions at long angles.

indoor, window-filtered daylight
Waaaaait a sec, are those little flashes of some other rainbow showing up in the shade here?  Yes, folks, this is ALSO a flakie polish.

indoor, window-filtered daylight for both pics

So, basically, we have here a duochrome, 230/FF, flakie polish that, while it's at it, looks just as fantastic in office lighting as sunlight:

totally flattering office fluorescent lighting
And also has a pretty fiercely linear holo arc?

bright sunlight, natch
Rating:  what's not to love, this is a sweet 5 out of 5 star polish.  The formula was perfectly smooth and easy to work with, and was nicely level even before topcoat.  It's utterly unique in my stash, and despite everything going on at once, it all just works (though of course I with the flakies were more obvious in other than macro photos in the shade).  Oh, and it wore fantastically.

Where to buy:  this one sold right out, and was a one-and-done.  Join the HHC FB group to look for opportunities to pick it up from anyone willing to let it go.



  1. I think you hit the nail on the head with your descriptions of this! This is definitely one of my faves in my collection too!


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