4th of July nails - Lone Star!

While July 4th was pretty well rained out here, the sun came out and the bbq was on for this weekend, so my holiday themed nails kept flying the whole weekend.

Lone Star 4th of July theme
outdoor, direct sunlight
After starting with a white shimmer base, I realized that just wasn't going to cut it, and topped with a single layer of Glitter Gal Light as a Feather.  By itself, that polish comes out just a bit grey as spectraflair in white base usually does, but over top of the white shimmer it absolutely appeared to be a true white linear holo.  Sweet!  I then used some long straight triangles from Maniology's new M053 in CBL Addicts Blue Me Away and UberChic Realm of Erotica - wow was this easier, more precise, and quicker drying than attempting to freehand the same design would have been!  Finally, I added a star from XXL-03 in Tonic Black Friday. 

Lone Star 4th of July theme
indoor, CF lighting
In the end, I think I got a little bit more Texas than Old Glory, but hey, I'm all good with that, too.



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