Colors by Llarowe Precious Metal

I was first snared by Llarowe's P-series/tribute to the Reno Air Races polishes by Pointless Cafe's incredible swatches of P51 - sadly LE and likely never to be found again.  When she released some new polishes based off of racing airplanes a few months ago, I crashed right into love with Precious Metal.  It took a few restock stalkings, but eventually it made it here.

Precious Metal is a creamy light grey that leans periwinkle blue, packed with the red-to-green color shifting shimmer that makes many a polish junkie's heart skip a beat.  In the bottle and in most promo pics and even most of the time on the nail, the shimmer looks to be a reddish copper.

But I got a very pleasant surprise when using my hand as a sun shade while driving around - at oblique angles, this has that luscious emerald flash.

In a weird way, I sort of hated this when I was painting a couple of nights ago.  The brush in my bottle was too soft and flopped around my nails like a mop.  The formula was somewhere between streaky and too thick (I'll likely thin it down a bit before wearing it next time, and then go from 2 somewhat irregular coats to 3 even thin ones).  But it was late and sleep was calling, so I slapped on some top coat and went to bed.  When I woke up, it was like nail fairies smoothed everything over and made it perfect overnight.

I don't have any indoor shots of this for you, but it's not boring under your office fluorescents.  The shimmer is still there, and the only difference is that the base looks more opaque indoors.  Wear time is average, about 2-3 days with minimal edge wear and no chips.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Though it had a kind of wonky application, this was lovely and was certainly subtle enough for the professional meeting I was attending.

Where to buy:  on Llarowe's site, with periodic restocks announced on facebook.



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