ILNP Success

The first one was so great, I had to move right on to another of the ILNP multichrome flakies.  My partner picked a blue base and Success to layer over it.

indirect sunlight
Success is a predominantly kelly green flakie that shifts to shimmery pink on the nail.  In bright lighting, it often looked bronze-gold, probably because these flakes are so metallically shiny, and not because the color actually shifts there.

very bright CFL - here's where it looks most metallic
In lower light, the shift was more apparent (like duochromes often do), with both green and violet-pink there, and a touch of aqua blue here and there.

outdoor, overcast light

At some angles, the green was a rich, saturated emerald:

indirect bright sunlight
And at very steep angles, it hit a violet purple that was nearly impossible to catch on camera (attempts at color correction to make my skin not yellow here were a total disaster, but the color of the purple flash is nonetheless accurate):

By itself, Success is a good bit less flashy.  I think for all of these, you either need to pick the right undies (complimentary but contrasting), or else use 3-4 coats on their own to get close to opaque for them to look good.

indoor, CF lighting, one thick coat over bare nail
The green & blue combo is pretty, and I'd give it a try over purple next go-round to try and get a better flash of that angled color.

Of course, with that green & pink that angles up to purple, this is definitely a version of the multichrome in ILNP Mutagen, Enchanted Hey Jude (below), Hits Chameleon...

indoor CFL.  the matching color & shifting is even more obvious in motion.
For undies here, I tried out a new-to-me brand, Barry M, that I received in a mystery bag from Ninja Polish.  Indigo is an utterly gorgeous deep blue crème or crelly that was minimally staining (on skin only, totally fine on my nails) and dries to a fantastic shine.  2 coats here, no topcoat. 

indoor CFL
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars for both.  Green flakies FTW!  Gorgeous shiny blue FTW!

Where to buy:  direct from ILNP for the flakies.  Barry M is a UK brand sold at several importers such as Llarowe and Color4Nails.



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