Quick & Easy Holiday Nail Art

Tape trees are pretty much the staple of Christmas decorated nails:  super easy, yet resulting in a clearly identifiable design.  All you need is some quick-dry topcoat and some basic scotch tape, of the sort that's already laying around on the table where your mom was wrapping presents just a little while ago.

It's as simple as painting on your desired base color, topcoating and waiting for a good 10-15 (if you're using something as fast as HK Girl), then placing 2 small pieces of tape such that it makes a triangle with the free edge of the nail.  Brush on your tree color and peel the tape while it's wet.  Add some Glitter tinsel or ornaments or a star topper if that's your thing.  Done.

For mine, I used OPI Christmas Gone Plaid for the thumb, middle finger, and tree; a England Perceval for the index and pinky; Julep Mia for the silver ring finger, and all topped with a bit of Jade Irresistivel because my soon-to-be-sister in law said more sparkles is a good thing.  The tree got trimmed with a silver striper and a holo star topper.

And hey, more sparkles IS a good thing, so my  brother got tape trees, too:

And he insisted on the glamorous bottle shot pose:

holographic glitter stars circa 1996 from Claire's, still rockin' after all these years.
My SIL, though saying sparkles were good for me, wanted hers kept more plain:

Here's hoping everyone had a great holiday!



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