OPI First Class Desires

While visiting my family for the holiday, my sister and I were finishing up some last-minute shopping, and came across most all of the new OPI Holiday 2014 collection in the sale baskets at Marshall's. I snapped up the 2 I'd been interested in, Christmas Gone Plaid (promptly used to help make tape tree nails for everyone), and First Class Desires.

outdoor, sunlight
First Class Desires is a known dupe for the also recent Zoya Sansa: darkest eggplant purple with lots of golden shimmer.  The bottle shot tells you everything you need to know: it's gonna look near-black fairly often, but it's always going to be sparkly.

In bright light, the shimmer is definitely gold, but in softer light, the rest of the subtle colors become more visible.

indirect, overcast light
And the closer you get, the green and lavender metallic twinkles take the fore.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars. A very pretty shade for fall and winter, and a warmer alternative than stark black.  It wore quicker than I'd hoped, but cleanup was far less painful than most shades this dark.

Where to buy:  well, if you can find it in the discount bin at Marshalls/TJ Maxx/etc, go save yourself half price.  Otherwise, this holiday shade can likely be picked up at OPI retailers online if the brick & mortar stores aren't carrying them anymore.



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