NerdLacquer Holy Grail

Well, this week has been depressing as hell.  I needed something more cheerful than black mourning ASAP, and damn if some NerdLacquer didn't fit the bill.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Holy Grail is a soft, watery aqua with that little touch of grey that makes it wonderfully wearable for me with no lobster hand shenanigans.  It's packed with silver holo hexes in at least 3 sizes:

window-filtered morning daylight
It's got a sparkly scattered holo finish beyond what the glitter sparks in bright sunlight:

outdoor, direct sunlight
And if that's not enough to make your inner 3-year-old smile, it glows in the dark to boot:

in the dark, obviously.  after holding to a bright light for a sec to get max glow power.
Holy Grail goes on in 2 painless coats, with no need for glitter fishing or placement.  It looks thick and the GITD pigment looks kinda sandy in macro pics, but none of that was an issue IRL.  Obviously, a Nerd glitter is gonna need more than one layer of topcoat if you're not down with some texture, but no big effort required.

indoor, bright CF lighting
outdoor, overcast lighting
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars for this cool, greyed but upbeat autumn sky.  Bonus:  it wore like IRON - note that my bottle shots were taken after 4+ full days of wear & work, with zero chips and no real visible edgewear.

Where to buy:  Nerds come directly from NerdLacquer.



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