Red Dead: Dia del Muertos skulls on Anonymous Lacquer Vampire Barbie

And finally, for actual Halloween, I got around to using one of last year's HHC True Blood LEs, Anonymous Lacquer's Vampire Barbie.

indoor, bright CF lighting
A true red holo has been one of the harder colors to find - "red" holos tend to lean more orangey or flame-colored.  Vampire Barbie manages to be exactly the color it should be:  actual red, with the tiniest touch of brown to bring it over to BLOOD red and not candy-apple.  It's a gorgeous color that went on quite sheer at first, needing 3 coats to be completely opaque.

outdoor, bright sunlight
I stamped some Dia del Muertos skulls using El Corazon white and BundleMonster's BM-413 for my last Halloween design this year.

Rating:  a solid 3 out of 5 stars, Vampire Barbie had a fabulous color, but was a little too thin for my taste and showed edgewear pretty quickly.  Maybe I just wasn't feeling red, IDK, but this one is definitely worth coming back to.

Where to buy:  join the HHC fb group, and ask after it in a destash.



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