CrowsToes Vanaheim

Like plenty of super pretty things that I end up kicking myself over later, CrowsToes' Vanaheim has been sitting around my house untried for a year now.

indoor CF lighting
Vanaheim, home of the nature and fertility spirits/gods of Norse mythology, inspired this super-shifty glittery green as part of the 2014 9 Realms collection.  In most lighting, this is a richly saturated emerald green, with twinkling near-metallic gold flashes.

outdoor, direct bright sunlight
indoor CF lighting
With a tilt of the hands, though, this quickly shifts down to a mossy, silvery grey-green.

outdoor, indirect bright sunlight
And up through teal to blue and all the way to purple.

oooooh that blue glimmer!
purple much clearer IRL
An up-close look at the bottle gives a glimpse at all the colors possible therein.

indirect, filtered sunlight
It is, of course, the glittery blinged-out version of Hey Jude, which explains why I liked it so very much.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Rating:  a very solid 4 out of 5 stars.  It's a little bumpy-textured from all that blingtastic sparkle, but nothing that 2 layers of topcoat won't fix.  No comments on wear time or removal - I tried another experiment with the peel-off basecoat, and had this popping off at random times due to that.  Bonus on the formula, though, was that patchy repair jobs on the popped off bits were utterly seamless.

Where to buy:  CT is sold by several international stockists, as listed on her blog.



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