Ninja Polish Divinity

With my recent vintage OPI duochrome haul, I've been trying to talk myself out of a ridiculous ebay splurge for one of my lemmings, OPI La Boheme.  While I'm sure I have a better than the original alternative already, the pondering has reminded me of another candidate for Boheme-ish awesomeness, the even more difficult to get a hold of Ninja Polish Divinity.

outdoor, shaded sunlight
That first pic right there is everything you need to know about Divinity: it's nowhere near a La Boheme dupe for 2 major reasons - it's a purple base and not a red one, and the Clarins 230/Fantasy Fire-type red-to-green pigment is way stronger and not just a suggestion.  Yes, this baby easily goes all the way from bronze-gold to emerald green.

bright sunlight
window-filtered bright sunlight
 In direct light, that shimmer is a gorgeous smoldering ember red, almost chunky enough to be called glassfleck, and the red plus the purple base means that this most often looks like a wine-colored polish.

direct sunlight for both
The first time I wore this 2 years ago, I wasn't that hugely impressed with it.  My nails didn't look like the crazyawesome GREEN pics I'd seen, and this chipped right off within a day or so.  My polishing skillz are much improved now, though, and check it out, my pics (and my actual IRL hands) DO look like I want them to, so this second go-round is substantively more satisfying.  Also, SWOON DAT COLOR.

with that green baaaaaarely peeking over the edges
and with that rainbow aaaaaaaall over the place.  BAM.
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  You can't deny the amazingness of this color.  But it's still got pretty weak wear time on me, even with a base and a topcoat that I know work well for me (and are each significant improvements over the crap I was using 2 years ago).  Any bubbling you see above is because I needed to touch up the chipped areas daily... but wasn't ready to let go of the killer color.

Where to buy:  we are all SOL on that front, this here is liquid gold.  Ninja closed up her shop quite some time ago, so Divinity and her utterly magical sister Mystic Glacier are rarer than hen's teeth.  But lately, posts have emerged on her facebook page with some hints that polishes are getting mixed up, so cross your fingers that we're getting more Ninjas soon.



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