OPI Sugarplum Yum & comparison

One of the ladies in my FB nailpolish group was recently waffling on purchasing an original formula OPI My Private Jet from a blog sale, which got me tumbling down my own rabbit hole of vintage OPI, and the next thing I knew, 4 older duochromes were on their way to me.

window-filtered sunlight
Sugarplum Yum was from OPI's 2002 Victorian Holiday collection, of which the internet informs me there were 4 colors that each had matching glitter topcoats - if you search for swatches of this one, you'll find pics of either this pearly duochrome or some sparkly glitter labeled as "Sugarplum Yum," so know what you're shopping for if you go a-hunting.

outdoor, direct sunlight for both
Sugarplum Yum is a pearly cloud color that appeared either dusky blue or grey depending on the light.  It's somewhat sheer, leaving a hint of VNL in a sexy way that I'm fond of with 2 coats.  The shimmer in here shifts from a bright pink that my camera refused to catch accurately at all to a lovely champagne gold.

my index is grey & gold, while the rest of my fingers are blue & pink.  fun times!

So... somewhat sheer, greyed blue with shifty pink to gold shimmer... I've totally seen and loved this before.

bright CF lighting
SpaRitual's It's Raining Men is about thiiiiiis close to being a dupe.  IRM is very slightly more opaque and subtly more sky blue (maybe less grey), while the pink shimmer in SY is just a little more flashy.  This swatch stick comparison was the only one out of the double handful of pics I took that showed a clear difference.  IMHO, though they're not identical DUPE dupes, you don't need both.

IRM on top, SY below
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Man, you can tell the difference in the old-skool OPI.  The skinny brush is light years away from the ProWide OPI gives us now, which made it a pain on my thumbs, but so much easier on my pinkies.  The smell is much stronger than for a modern 3-free.  But I love the color just as much as I did when it was called something else (though the SR wears better).

Where to buy:  since this is a vintage polish over a decade past being discontinued, ebay and blog sales are the way to go.  It's neither super difficult to find, nor atrociously expensive.



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