Up Colors Mutação

Sometimes, after dark and funky colors, you need a grownup sort of palate cleanser.  But, sheesh, never TOO grownup!  Brazilian brand Up Colors' Mutação was just what I needed.

outdoor, bright sunlight
Mutação (in english, Mutation) is a warm, autumn-in-a-bottle, subtle duochrome that gently shifts from copper to brown to red.

outdoor, bright sunlight
It's only this orangey-copper in very bright, direct sunlight; much more often it was a lightly shimmery earthy red/brown.

indirect, window-filtered sunlight
In most indoor lighting, it had a somewhat softer and cooler rosy color.

indoor CF lighting
The duochrome isn't super strong, with this being more the sort of polish where you notice your nails are colored a little differently when you're in different rooms of the house, rather than one where you're constantly tilting the nails to check out the shifts.  This was the only pic where I got more than one color at once:

copper to the left, red to the right
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  My kind of "basic neutral" - totally office appropriate, without being boring.  It wore a little more quickly than ideal, but that's ok, I didn't need to wear neutral for weeks at a time anyway.

Where to buy:  I originally got this bottle from the late and lamented Ninja Polish store, and I don't have a source.  If anyone ever orders direct from Brazil, let me know how that works!



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