Emily de Molly Sleep Walking

The sun finally came out just a little, so time to switch up to a holo, and time to switch to something cool from all those earth tones.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Emily de Molly Sleep Walking is the first thing that's made me gasp with amazement in a while.  In the bottle, it's a rich sapphire blue, but as it's being applied the gorgeous teal-y jade green shimmer flashes to life.

outdoor, bright sunlight
The total effect most reminds me of the Femme Fatale holos that all had a gorgeous contrast shimmer, so whether or not you missed out on some of those, absolutely pick this up.  The formula was a little more simultaneously sheer and sticky that I like (2.5 coats are needed, but don't overwork it or you get dragged patches), but was utterly smooth under one layer of topcoat.  Cleanup was shockingly NBD for a blue this dark.

outdoor, overcast shady daylight
In the shade or low lighting, the jade shimmer sort of vanishes but makes the color lean a little more teal or slate blue.  The holo dust doesn't grey out the rich sapphire at all, though, and only a smidge of sunlight is needed to start the green flash and rainbow sparkle up.

window-filtered morning daylight
I picked up my huge Stampholic 1 plate for it's cute image of Jack Skellington faces in a spiderweb, and used EdM's silver holo stamping polish for the design.

indoor, CF lighting
Rating:  this beauty is a fantastic 4 out of 5 stars.

Where to buy:  several stockists carry EdM, but you can also buy directly here.



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