Shleee-o-ween No 3: Black Moon

My last Shleee Halloween-a-palooza suggested itself the moment I started playing around with the bottle.  Black Moon is a black jelly base with blue microglitters and silver holo flake, plus a duochromatic shimmer that flashes purple to green.

indoor, bright CF lighting
The black base and purple/green flash is just exactly the opposite of an old favorite, CrowsToes Season of the Witch.  The base of the CT is more sheer and the duochrome is a glassfleck instead of a regular shimmer, but the magic here is that it's exactly the opposite:  Black Moon is purple head-on and green at angles, while Witch is purple head-on and magenta at angles.

outdoor, bright sunlight
Season of the Witch was roughly sponged over the tips of 2 coats of Black Moon.  Straight on above, and slanted angle below, where the colors are reversed.  Duochrome-ception!!

indoor, CF lighting
Witch is a good bit more shifty and always appears either green or magenta, while in lower lighting Moon is mostly black.  The silver holo flake and little blue sparkles keep it from being plain black, though.  Formula was a good bit sticky and tended to drag if over-manipulated, but once I figured out how to work it things went on fine.

outdoor, overcast daylight
indoor, window-filtered overcast daylight
I stamped on my gradient first with the snakeskin print from Creative Shop CS-16 and Sinful Colors Kameleon, then either the large snake image from the same plate or a smaller snake from BundleMonster BM-S245 using El Corazon First Kiss (a hot metallic somewhere between pink and true red).

window-filtered bright afternoon daylight
morning daylight
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  It's a nice color, but I'd like the formula to be a bit easier to use.

Where to buy:  direct from Shleee, if still in stock.



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