Shleee-o-ween No 1: Eclipsed Moon Ritual + Strawberry Moon

I've been picking up a whole bunch of Shleee's gorgeous contrast shimmer polishes lately, and her Halloween Mani contest means that now I'll be wearing them tout suite, too.

outdoor, bright sunlight
For the first all-Halloween-all-October mani, I picked 2 out of my little pile of Shleees.  First up, the gorgeous pearlescent Strawberry Moon, a barely grey base (see the edges of the bottle shot below) with a whole bunch of subtly duochromatic hot copper-to-bronze shimmer.  SM is fairly sheer, with some folks using 4 coats to opacity.  I'm wearing 2 here, and this kind of smoothly even sheer means I'm 100% fine with a hint of VNL.

indoor, bright CF lighting
I've paired SM with the deep dark chocolate of Eclipsed Moon Ritual, which contains a very similar copper-to-bronze shimmer plus a smattering of silver holo flakes.  EMR was a bit thick and sticky, and got draggy if over-manipulated, but covered completely in 2 coats.

shimmer both more gold and more reddish.  and holo twinkles.
In low light, EMR did have a tendency to look black, but the dusting of silver holo brightened it back up.

outdoor, shady daylight
outdoor, bright sunlight
For the nail art part of the contest, I tried out the wolf image from the huge Stampholic ST2 plate, which was shallowly etched and tricky to work with.  My HG black, NanaCoco Love Black, worked where literally no other polish would pick up an image, so I ultimately ended up with a werewolf peeking out of the full moon with some bats flying off.

indoor, bright CF lighting
indoor, window-filtered daylight
Rating:  a solid 4 of 5 stars for both, lovely colors and good wear time.

Where to buy:  destashes or stalk the Friday morning restocks at Shleee's store.



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