Femme Fatale Sky Mirror

Speaking of things I never really hope to have without forking over a bajillion dollars...

One of my biggest lemmings left to slay is RBL's Aqua Lily - I've bought more than a few teal polishes with a contrasty pink or purpley shimmer trying to soothe that one (all the attempts is certainly a post itself in the future!).  Recently, an absolute angel in one of my polish fb groups agreed to send me a swatch stick of Aqua Lily since it's a whole lot easier to decide whether or not a lemming is squashed if you have a reference standard.  The very same day this stick arrived in the mail, a group buy in one of my other fb groups was closing that included the 2 newest Beauty So Fly Femme Fatale exclusives...and that swatch was a dead ringer for Sky Mirror.

indoor, bright CF lighting
All of which makes Sky Mirror only sound cool for what it's close to, and noooo that's not the case.  After Liberty's formula left me cold, I'm leery of RBL cremes, and that swatch stick is most definitely an opaque cream of imperfect smoothness.  What we have here is utterly lovely with no PITA factor in the least.

window-filtered rainy daylight
Sky Mirror is a jade-green based polish (look at the soft light shining through my fingernails and the corner of the bottle above) that's full of an ocean-blue pigment PLUS that orchid purple shimmer PLUS ultra tiny holo glitters.  The jelly base meant that 3 coats were needed for the 85% opacity you see here, but it wore fabulously and the finish was glassy smooth.

window-filtered rainy daylight
Accurate color capture was very tricky - many pics wanted to be a little more blue than IRL - so a whole bunch of brighter ones were scrapped in favor of these overcast and indoor shots, which are as color accurate as possible.  This shade is a bit of a chameleon, though, and in some lighting it is more blue than aqua.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Unlike a few others in this same color family, Sky Mirror didn't lobster-hand me even a little bit, regardless of whether it was in a more blue or more aqua mood.

window-filtered daylight
Final verdict - nope, it's not at all a dead dupe for Aqua Lily - Sky Mirror is less opaque, more jelly, and has the added little holo sparkle.  But the color of both the polish and the shimmer is indeed dead on.

window-filtered overcast daylight
Rating:  a flawless 5 out of 5 stars.  I jerked this straight out of the package it arrived in, slapped it on mah fingers, and wore it most all of this week.  Swoooooon.

Where to buy:  this polish is an exclusive for Beauty So Fly.  I've bought from the Singapore-based store both on my own as part of a US group buy with no problems.



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