Toma Copper Comets & Pumpkins

This week's prompt on a stamping fb group was "black & orange only."  Orange is right down there with yellow as colors I don't touch, but I did have a quite orangey metallic copper that I thought would fit the bill.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Copper Comets was one of a half-dozen Toma polishes I picked up at some mall costume jewelry & hair do-dads place (Claire's or something similar) way back in the mid-90s.  Yes, kids, this polish is easily 20 years old, and with only a couple of drops of thinner it worked perfectly well.

window-filtered daylight
I'd also just received the super cheap DXE20 plate from aliexpress, and while quality of the cheapies is always hit-and-miss, I'm happy to say this one gave me absolutely zero issues.  Pretty sweet trick considering how many broad open spaces there are in the designs I'm using, but I got perfect pick up and no bald spots every time without fighting for it.

outdoor, afternoon sunlight
All of these Toma polishes I picked up back in the day are "metallic illusion" series, meaning that they're duochromatic way before I had a lingo term for that.  In Copper Comets' case, there's a lovely rosy pink that flashes out in angled light.

Rating:  not too difficult to work with, worked just right for what I wanted?  A solid 3 of 5 stars.

Where to buy:  honestly, I haven't the slightest.  Hunts for Toma polishes on ye olde interwebs occasionally get some hits - good hunting, folks.



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