CrowsToes Green Eyed Lady + a quick comparison

In the CrowsToes facebook fan group this week, someone asked for recommendations for all the dark green CTs there were...a clear reminder that I had yet to bring out Green Eyed Lady.

indoor, CF lighting
Green Eyed Lady is a deep, slightly-teal leaning forest green shimmer and not quiiiiite opaque gold metallic microflake in a dusky smoke-colored base; the overall effect is a forest green that has the glimmer of old bronze.

window-filtered overcast daylight
The flakies and shimmer obscure most glimpses of the smoky base - this isn't a flakie-in-jelly looking polish, even super close up.

indoor, bright CF lighting
That blackened base does mean that in some lighting this looks more black than green, but the little flashes of hammered bronze are always there, preventing this from ever being only black.

window-filtered sunlight
In bright sun, the tealy-green shimmer takes the forefront, but the flakes never get hidden completely.

outdoor, bright sunlight for both

The formula on this was perfect, with even opacity in 2 coats, and none of the stickiness or clumping that these flake-heavy polishes tend to do.

There's only one thing I have even sort of close to this, OPI Live and Let Die:

OPI Live and Let Die on the left, CrowsToes Green Eyed Lady on the right
Beautiful bright sun pics of L&LD had me buying that the moment I found a bottle...and then despite the perfect one-coater formula, I was soundly disappointed at how this looked mostly black most of the time, with only a suggestion of the gold glimmer from the bottle or those sun pics visible on the nail.  Ironically, my quickie swatch here looks far prettier than it did when I wore it (pre-blogging), but I'm still not going to be pulling it out of the trade box.  These two are definitely not dupes, but the overall effect is that GEL is L&LD with the shimmer all amped up to a wonderful place.

OPI Live and Let Die on the middle finger, rest are CrowsToes Green Eyed Lady
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  This wore fairly well on me, with minor chipping and noticeable edgewear within 3 days.  No staining happened, which can be of concern in saturated greens.

Where to buy:  direct from the Crow herself.



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