Girly Bits Friends Don't Give Friends Fruitcake

It's December, but I'm somehow not even a little in a holiday mood.  A flakie mood, though, THAT I can get behind.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Girly Bits released Friends Don't Give Friends Fruitcake as part of their super fun Ermahgerd Flerkers collection last year - this was the one entry that was an opaque stand-alone polish instead of a flakie topper.  It's a very rich bittersweet chocolate brown, packed with red extra tiny microglitter, a scattered holo effect (or is that more with the microglitters?), and iridescent lime green flakies.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Though there's a lot in here, the formula was nice and smooth and went on without being sticky or clumpy.  2 coats was good for opacity, but both the color and flakie concentration deepened to match the look of the bottle with a 3rd coat.

window-filtered daylight
I've stamped here using El Corazon First Kiss (depending on the lighting, it's either a very dark pink or a very light red) and my recently received massive XXL-04 stamping plate.

Rating:  Fruitcake is a gorgeous 4 out of 5 stars.

Where to buy:  direct from Girly Bits or from any of her international stockists.



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