Winter Solstice nails: Heather's Hues Maverick + snowflakes

The sun has been gone for what feels like forever, so it was time to start pulling out duochromes and avoiding holos like the plague...

indoor, bright CF lighting
Maverick was from Heather's Hues recent LE duochrome collection, all of which are in very dark, vampy bases.  You can just barely start to see the purple shift along the top rim of the bottle here, but for the most part, on the nail it was a smoky sapphire blue without much shift.

suuuuubtle purple shift
Cold as it's already been throughout most of the country, it's now officially winter, and this super dark blue seemed the perfect background for some Solstice nail art.

window-filtered morning daylight
I stamped using El Corazon Aurora Borealis - a super shifty blue to aqua to purple metallic shimmer - and the HeHe Fairy Tale 003 plate, which is a gorgeous assortment of individual snowflakes and snowflake patterns.

indoor, CF lighting
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars for Maverick.  The formula was just a little thick, but once I thinned it down it applied perfectly and wore great.  It's a bit darker than I'd expected, and does get close to looking black part of the time.

Where to buy:  this was an LE collection, so check blog sales/destashes to pick some up.



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