2017 Oscars!

For the 2nd year now, I've dressed up for a friend's oscar party by getting each best picture nominee on a nail in one way or another.  I've used a crazy assortment of stamping plates, a little bit of freehand, and about 20 polishes, so it's all too much to call out individually, but here you go!

And the nominees are...

On my left hand:

  • Thumb is the google earth image that played a key part in Lion
  • Index is the baseball hanging from a tree branch in Fences
  • Middle is a rocket ship on top of numbers & equation symbols for Hidden Figures
  • Ring is a face on aqua, wine, and purple as a nod to the poster for Moonlight
  • Pinky is a couple embracing after singing in the rain a la La La Land

And on my right:
  • Thumb is some strips of film (only 9 best pics this year)
  • Index is the front of a boat sailing through the ocean for Manchester by the Sea
  • Middle is some of the Heptapod language from Arrival (my clear fave for both movie and how this nail turned out!)
  • Ring is a gun-toting cowboy skull, summing up the death, guns, and Texas of Hell or High Water
  • Pinky is a red cross over camo for the army medic of Hacksaw Ridge.


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