Literary Lacquers There is Your Treasure

Oh humongous polish stash, what else hides untried in this pile that I've forgotten about for over a year???

indoor, bright CF lighting
There is Your Treasure was a November 2015 Hella Holo Customs polish. this one named for a Paulo Coelho quote (as all Literary Lacquers are named after bits of books).  It's a gorgeous blue somewhere between periwinkle and violet, with a soft magenta-pink flash and a scattered holo shimmer.

outdoor, afternoon sunlight sparking that pink
indoor, bright CF lighting 
The formula was dead perfect, requiring almost no clean-up, going on thin and smooth and self-leveling.  It's a little sheer like all LL polishes tend to be, so 3 coats were needed for this color intensity and opacity, but each coat dries quickly so it's NBD.

outdoor, as bright sunlight as February is gonna give me
It's got a pretty holo sparkle, not quite linear, in bright light, but it's one of those that's still perfectly lovely even in unflattering office fluorescent lights.

the above-mentioned harsh office lights.
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars, very nice, and a little breath of springtime for this winter blah.

Where to buy:  best bet is to join HHC on FB  or start keeping your eyes open on destashes/blog sales.



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