Shleee My Roanoke Nightmare

One good red deserves another?

indoor, CF lighting
You know when it's all wintry and overcast and you're longing for a seasonal vampy dark shade?  Shleee My Roanoke Nightmare covers that quite nicely.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Roanoke is a black crelly holding a bunch of bright scarlet red ultra tiny microglitters along with a shimmer that's equally scarlet dead-on, but then shifts to bronze and then (OMG!) green at steep angles.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Is this in fact "real" Clarins 230-type shimmer or just close enough?  Well, close enough anyway!  I'm wearing 2 smooth coats here, with a nice shine, opacity, and formula all in one.  The red shimmer in black reminds me a whoooole lot of RBL Black Russian, and I've certainly bought more than one polish in an attempt to quiet that wish, and honestly I don't need it as of right HERE.

window-filtered daylight
To accentuate the red in that vampy not-quiiiiite-black, I've stamped using Pretty Serious Santa's Sunburn and some of the fantastically baroque/gothic skulls & roses from Harunouta L035.  If you've not yet rolled the dice on inexpensive ebay plates shipped from Asia, Harunouta is a huge win - gorgeous designs + very good quality etching for $2 or so.  Yeah, this design wasn't contrasty enough to pop, but maybe I don't want to go full-bore goth at work?

overcast daylight
Rating:  a luscious 4 out of 5 stars for Roanoke.

Where to buy:  you know the drill, stalk Shlee on her IG or FB group to figure out when old things will be re-released, or else hunt some destashes.



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