Cirque Paraiba

I absolutely love Paraiba Tourmaline - that electric tropical paradise color is simply amazing - so of Cirque's recent collection based on gemstones, Paraiba was my immediate must-have.

indoor, bright CF lighing
Paraiba is exactly what it should be: a gorgeously bright, caribbean ocean water aqua jelly, packed with absolutely tons of fine holographic silver flake.

outdoor, direct bright sunlight
The formula was absolute perfection, with the ideal thickness that stays just where you put it and building to perfectly wearable opacity in 2 coats.  This is the kind of green pigment that likes to cling to dry cuticle skin, so the need for minimal clean-up was appreciated indeed.  The flakies lie down completely smooth, giving Paraiba a gorgeous, encapsulated-in-glass look after a single layer of topcoat (necessary, since it dries just a little satin).

shady morning daylight.  UNF DAT SHINE.
This type of holo flake reminds me a lot of the finish of some of a England's classic gems, such as Saint George, where the subtle suggestion of a rainbow gives a whole lot of depth, but there's no true HOLO flame going on.

bright direct sunlight just barely catches some rainbow sparkle
Though I look a little pink in some pics, there was never any suggestion of lobster hands IRL.  Just a gorgeous, rich color that's perfect for poolside or for cheering me up in the last dregs of winter.

window-filtered daylight
Rating:  an utterly flawless 5 out of 5 stars.  Excellent formula, gorgeous color, and Paraiba wore like iron despite its jelly base.  More of the Facets Collection are on their way to me right now.

Where to buy:  direct from Cirque, or add some to your next Amazon order.



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