SuperChic Realm of Erotica for Lunar New Year

We went out this weekend for dim sum with a big batch of folks, with lunar new year as an excuse to get together with loads of food and good times.  Obviously, this called for flaming red nails, but the man also said, "you need a chicken for year of the rooster."  Where the hell in all my plates am I going to find a chicken??

indoor, bright CF lighting
SuperChic promises all of her ultra  holos to be one coat wonders that stamp like champs.  This claim is utterly 100% true as far as the lusciously berry-red Realm of Erotica goes.  One coat, great formula of the perfect thickness, DONE.  And a good thing that cleanup is only minimally needed, because this is the kind of red that stains the crap out of cuticle skin.  Paint careful, kids!

window-filtered daylight
It's a cooler-toned red with a lovely berry-tinted glow to it, that's utterly classic bombshell.

window-filtered shady daylight
And yeah, there actually was a chicken on the otherwise quite tropical HK-06 plate!

bright afternoon sunlight
Unfortunately for those of you looking for ULTRA holo FIIIRRREEE, for some reason red tends to swallow the holo flame and this is no exception, so it only looked rainbow-y in quite bright light.  Pretty, but worth noting.

morning daylight
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars:  Love the color and the stamping versatility, but this chips like crazy on me.  I'm convinced that some OCWs are in fact so very packed with pigment that there's no room for the part of the base that helps them stick nicely to the nail, so even with good topcoat, bits were flaking off in less than 24h.

Where to buy:  direct from SuperChic... and google around to look for affiliate codes that'll get you 10% off your order!



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