Ever After Bite Me + subtle scales

The sun came back out this week so it was most definitely holo time, and I really wanted a cream-and-fire palette.

Ever After Bite Me
indoor, bright CF lighting
Bite Me was a Halloween True Blood special for the Hella Holo Customs group.  True to the inspiration pic of the mostly naked vampire, it's about as pale a color as you can go while still calling it "nude."  Barely golden-sand tinted, this is a gorgeous neutral with a beautiful linear holo sparkle.

Ever After Bite Me
indoor, bright CF lighting
Interestingly enough, this polish was recently proposed in a FM group as a white holo (since truly white holos are borderline impossible to make because the holographic dust tints the base grey instead of white).  While it's a super pale nude, white? naaawww.  Then I stamped over it, and yeah, pretty close actually!

Scales stamping nail art over Ever After Bite Me
bright sunlight
I recently got Esmaltes da Kelly's KN-24 stamping plate that has a few layering designs, including the pair of images I used here - the outlines of the scales in one image, and a scattering of random scales fully filled in for the other.  You could certainly use the scale outline by itself, and I actually have several other plates that include something similar.

Scales stamping nail art over Ever After Bite Me
outdoor, shady daylight
For the colored-in scales, I first used El Corazon Mysterious Mars, then tried to line up another set in Emily de Molly Rose Gold, before stamping over with the scale outline pattern.  I did not in fact do a suave job of lining up that second set, making lining up the final scale outline impossible.  Hot tip, if you want more than one color of scales filled in, stamp the outline first, and re-stamp it at the end if you want the outline to pop.

Scales stamping nail art over Ever After Bite Me
window-filtered afternoon sunlight
Rating:  5 out of 5 stars for Bite Me.  Coverage and formula were truly perfect, needing approximately zero cleanup, and this wore like iron on me, without even edgewear after several days.

Where to buy:  I have no idea if they'll bring them back again this Halloween at HHC, so try destashes & blog sales if you'd like to find this one.



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