Femme Fatale Aldebaran

Femme Fatale just keeps coming out with one amazing sparkly thing after another, and their offerings are both a big chunk of my collection as well as a big chunk of my untried pile.  When the man suggested red, I knew immediately which polish I'd be grabbing!

Femme Fatale Aldebaran
indoor, bright CF lighting
Aldebaran, named for a flame-colored star in the constellation Taurus, is a juicy warm red jelly packed with the round iridescent color-shifting glitters that have been so popular lately.  There's also a scattering of teeny tiny gold holo glitters, but this is more visual interest and not at all a linear holo flame.

Femme Fatale Aldebaran
window-filtered overcast daylight
By itself, the jelly base leans ever so slightly toward the cooler, berry side of red, but the fiery glow of the glitters pulls it firmly to the warmer side of red.

Femme Fatale Aldebaran
outdoor, direct bright sunlight
I've used 3 coats here, which gave me visually opaque coverage in all but the very brightest sunlight.  This was very nicely self-leveling at each coat and could have been worn with only 2 if you prefer a more sheer look.  The glitters are present enough that 2 coats of topcoat are needed to get that glassy shine.

indoor, window-filtered daylight
These little discs of iridescent fire are totally worth it, though.  I have a few other polishes that have made attractive use of this particular type of glitter, but Aldebaran's glowing embers might be my fave look for them.

Femme Fatale Aldebaran
window-filtered daylight
The bright colors on display inspired me to reach for a broader array of stamping polishes than I usually go for.  MoYou London recently added "layering" images to their Kaleidoscope series of stamping plates - these arc-shaped various designs are made with the same curvature to allow for stacking them on top of one another down the nail, as few or as many as you feel like.  I'm using plate 12 here, with MYL Malibu Tan, Born Pretty Gold, and Pretty Serious Hack the Halls.

Nail art stamping MoYou London Kaleidoscope 12 over Femme Fatale Aldebaran
shady daylight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  This jelly wore fantastically on me, no chips or major edgewear after a few days (jellies typically aren't my friends, love them though I do).  The glitters also weren't quite as obnoxious to scrub off as a true glitterbomb would be, so much happiness all around.

Where to buy:  Aldebaran was June's color of the month - if you're interested, snap this one up at stockists ASAP, because COTMs are a one batch and done affair.



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