4th of July - pond mani stars & stripes

I'm in more than a few FB nail polish groups, and had to start a list of all the amazing designs I'd like to try out myself.  This idea of submerging stars into the layers of a pond mani was something I loved in the original and jumped on right away for my 4th of July look this year.

4th of July pond manicure
outdoor, overcast daylight
For those of you new to all the zany polish lingo, a "pond mani" is one where layers of opaque polish - most often a plain white crème - are sandwiched in between layers of a sheer jelly polish.  The end result is shapes emerging from the depths of color, like from under the waters of a pond.  In a nutshell, the technique is to brush on one layer of color, stamp in white, then another layer of color (important!! make sure your stamping is totally dry or the next layer of color will smear it), then repeat 2-3 or more times until you like the result.

For this version, I've stamped stars from HeHe-003 (plus one larger accent star from XXL-3) within 3 different layers of EdK Blue Soap Bubbles on my index and middle fingers, then a watermarble stripe design from XXL-4 in the layers of Essie Highest Bidder on the ring and pinky.

4th of July holo fireworks stamping
indoor, bright CF lighting
My thumbs got a different design because I'm a huge sucker for fireworks.  This is BEGL Together Dead and Lonely to give a touch more twinkle than flat black, stamped with firework designs from Sugar Bubbles SBS-04 in SuperChic Realm of Erotica, CBL Addicts Blue Me Away, and EdM Silver Holo stamping polish.



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