Femme Fatale Starfall

Once upon a time in 3013, Femme Fatale put out a series of linear holos that each had a contrasting shimmer flash.  I was an idiot and only bought 2 or 3 of them... I'm now only one lonely bottle of polish away from correcting that oversight (you will be mine someday!!)

Femme Fatale Starfall
indoor, bright CF lighting
Starfall is the least contrasty of the bunch, but a fab color all the same.  This is a grapey lavender, just a touch darker or more saturated than my pics show, with a subtly paler lilac shimmer (as in, the base leans a little more blue while the shimmer leans a little more pink).  It's just possible the shimmer is subtly duochromatic, slightly tilting up to a warmer more bronzed pink.

Femme Fatale Starfall
outdoor, direct sunlight
The formula was utterly perfect, as I've come to expect from everything in this collection.  Great pigmentation, not too thick or thin (no pooling in the cuticles), covers totally in 2 coats.  If there's any downside, the brush was a little too soft, so that it splayed out and swished more than ideal, so clean edges were not happening.

Femme Fatale Starfall
direct sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Starfall wore great, and this color really worked for me.  I have a lot of purples (and arguably more purple holos than are strictly necessary for anyone), but this is still a standout pretty.

Where to buy:  haunting blog sales and destashes is one's only purchase option.  I'm not alone in wishing this collection would be brought back!



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