CrowsToes Hellhound

After my first glass of wine with CrowsToes this week was so tasty, I decided to have another:  here's Hellhound.

direct late afternoon sunlight
Hellhound is part of  last year's fall collection, of which Indian Summer got all the attention.  It's a richly sparkly wine color, with a subtle duochrome shift.  While always being nearly glass-fleck sparkly, sometimes, it's rich wine...

And sometimes it's vampy red.

The gold duochrome is definitely there (you can make out some tiny flashes of gold sparks in each of the above 2 pics), but it's generally only noticeable at specific angles.

indirect, cloudy afternoon lighting
Despite the deep color saturation in the bottle:

pay no attention to that other color on my thumb
This color went on really sheer in the first coat, then was overly thick in the second.  It happens with indie polishes that use thicker suspension base, but this has definitely been thinned prior to my using it again.  Bright light shines through the sheer places, though these weren't noticeable indoors.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  A gorgeous color that i wish was just a leeeeetle more duochrome and a little easier to work with.

Where to buy:  check out the CrowsToes blog for a list of stockists.



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